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Installation of the Year Awards 2009 - Best Audio Installation

November 3, 2009 By Charles Crowley

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The theater’s dark alder wood is warmed with gold-leaf hand carvings and garnet Belgian-velvet curtains. The fabric stretched across each oval, inset in the side walls, bears what the homeowner calls a “tempo Pompeii” pattern.
The screen draperies—black-velvet curtains with French pleats—are designed so they don’t detract from the elaborate side-wall curtains. The 26 high-back theater chairs are by Eminence Seating Co. Brazilian granite graces the countertop along the back row.
The concession area in the back of the room includes a soda-fountain with 12 different drinks as well as a popcorn popper, a glass-front candy display and a commercial ice-maker. The home theater’s equipment rack is proudly displayed behind curved glass.

“The Focal-JMlabs Grand Utopia speaker system, coupled with the Halcro amplification technology, delivers a sound system that makes you feel like you’re in middle of the movie [set].”—Dave Marsh, custom installer

CUSTOM INSTALLER: Carefree Electronics Inc. of Carefree, Ariz. (480.226.9991, carefreeelectronicsinc.com)

INTERIOR DESIGNER: the homeowner

Photography by Mark Boisclair Photography


Focal Grande Utopia Be main speakers
Focal Center Utopia center speaker
Focal Mini Utopia speakers
TruAudio BB 465 in-wall speakers
Halcro dm68 amplifiers
Halcro dm38 amplifiers
Halcro SSP100 surround-sound processor
Sunfire HRS-12 subwoofers
Solus SC-Richter-12 subwoofer
QSC PL-380 amplifiers
Buttkicker tactile transducers
Digital Projection Lightning 30-1080p video projector
Panasonic TH-103PZ600 103-inch plasma TVs
Kaleidescape movie/music server
LG BH200 Blu-ray player
QuietRock 545THX drywall
CinemaTech acoustic treatment


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