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Great Performances (on YouTube) - Buddy Rich Owns You All

March 2, 2010 By Geoffrey Morrison

The only interesting drum solo. Ever.

"What did the drummer get on his IQ test? Drool."

Drum solos may be the part of the concert where everyone but other drummers gets up to get another beer, but this one is from one of the greats, and it's easy to see why.

Sure the technique is incredible, but it's the way he keeps it interesting that marvels. As the speed increases, it's impossible to take your eyes of him.

I'll admit that my expertise with drumming barely gets above "Easy" on RockBand, but Buddy is the ultimate "drummer's drummer," the one that the greatest drummers point to as their inspiration. What he's doing here, what he was able to do in every performance, even other drummers will tell you is astonishing.

With this clip, recorded in 1978 most likely on "The Tonight Show," Buddy shows at 61 he is still one of, if not the greatest drummer alive. His speed, accuracy, and creativity, have still yet to be matched. For one, it's impressive enough that he's doing snare rolls with one hand. What's extraordinary is he's able to do them with either hand.

And as fast as he's going at the beginning, he gets even faster. Amazing.


Buddy was, without a doubt, THE greatest drummer of all time. No one has ever been able to come close to his ability,

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