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CEDIA Expo 2009

CEDIA 2009 WrapUp

September 14, 2009 By HE Staff 27 comments

Signs of Life, Signs of Cool Stuff

By most accounts, this year's CEDIA Expo was not the ghost town most were expecting. In fact, there was a fair amount of traffic and quite a lot of cool new gear. 

Click through for the highlights.

Sony VPL-VW85

September 13, 2009 By HE Staff 9 comments
Sony VPL-VW85

120 Hz and more

Sony has announced the VPL-VW85, their latest 1080p front projector.

In addition to increasing the refresh rate to 120 Hz, Sony has added a number of other features specifically for the CEDIA and custom install crowd.

All the info after the jump...

CAT MBX Projector Line

September 13, 2009 By Dennis Burger 8 comments

California Audio Technology (CAT) may be best known for their ultra-custom high-end speakers, but the company is no stranger to video. In 2001 they partnered with Sam Runco to bring their first MBX projector to the market at $250,000.

At CEDIA this past week, CAT announced its latest video partnership, this time with Display Development, Inc., and unveiled a new projector line priced from  $128,000 to $380,000 apiece.

Optoma HD8600 DLP Projector

September 13, 2009 By Adrienne Maxwell 15 comments
Optoma HD8600 DLP Projector

A new step-up DLP model.

After a few quiet trade shows, Optoma has re-emerged with two new 1080p DLP projectors and a new strategy, to target specific products at specific channels. The custom-oriented line, distributed exclusively through AVAD, features three projectors, including the new entry-level HD2200 and the new top-shelf HD8600. (In the middle is the HD8200 that flew under the radar at CES.)

Pioneer ETAP Network Entertainment Platform

September 13, 2009 By Adrienne Maxwell 28 comments
Pioneer ETAP Network Entertainment Platform

Beyond Media Center.

One of the more exciting CEDIA demos I saw involved a product that doesn’t exist…yet. Pioneer gave us a glimpse at its new network entertainment platform, dubbed ETAP or Project ET.

ETAP unites your major entertainment and automation systems into one box, with one high-def user interface and a ZigBee-based remote (plus iPhone control). First and foremost, it’s an A/V server (the demo sample had a 1TB hard drive), upon which you can store your digital music, photo, and movie files.


September 12, 2009 By HE Staff 19 comments

Don't be seamly.

Traditional speakers, wall plates, in-wall speaker volume controls, keypads and touch panels can really look ghastly when they're mixed together on a wall in a stylishly decorated room. TRUFIG is an ugly name, but it eliminates the ugly wall because...

Hunter Concert Breeze Ceiling Fan and Wireless Sound System

September 12, 2009 By HE Staff 15 comments

So you say you want a revolution?

Hunter makes ceiling fans. Soundolier makes wireless audio systems. Put them together and you get...

Elite Screens Raptor

September 12, 2009 By HE Staff 6 comments
Elite Screens Raptor

Up, up, and out of the way!

Why suffer with just having a flat-panel TV on a low-boy cabinet in your home theater when you can have a flat-panel TV on a low-boy cabinet for the day and a smokin' front projection system in the same space for the evening?

Toshiba SV670 Series of LED-Based HDTVs

September 12, 2009 By Adrienne Maxwell 5 comments
Toshiba 55SV670U

Toshiba’s first LED-based LCDs have arrived.

Toshiba is demoing its new SV670 Series, highlighting the black-level improvements of the LED design in a head-to-head comparison with its own traditional CCFL LCD, from last year's line.

Innovolt HEM-X1000

September 12, 2009 By HE Staff 10 comments
Innovolt HEM-X1000
No transients allowed here.
The following shocking statistics could zap your preconceptions about surge protection and spark some interest in Innovolt's new HEM-X1000 rack-mountable Power Manager.

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