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Chordette GEM

July 17, 2009 By HE Staff

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Chordette GEM
Chordette GEM

Bluetooth goes high-end

The Chordette GEM is a high-performance digital to analog converter that uses Bluetooth to receive wireless digital music transmission from PC’s, portable music players, and Bluetooth enabled cell phones.

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Chordette GEMThe device has a sleek design, and is easy to use.

“Just open the Bluetooth settings on your source device, in a few seconds the Chordette GEM will be recognized—type in a password and begin streaming music,” says John Hunter, president of Sumiko, the US distributor.

The Chordette GEM promises high fidelity sound by thanks to its high-resolution DAC.

The latest updates to the iPhone/touch allow it to sync with the GEM.

The GEM measures in at a tiny 6.3-inches wide by 2.75-inches high by 1.6-inches deep.

True to its name, the GEM is available in several different colors.

PRICE: $799

 Chordette GEM

 Chordette GEM


I'd just plug mine via USB into a $400 Pioneer receiver, which eliminates any unnecessary D-A/A-D/D-A conversion, and implement their Advanced Sound Retriever, which works wonders on even 320kpbs MP3s.

Try it; you'll like it! And you'll save $400, too! ;-)

Wow. I hope they only made the 7 models shown in the photo, 'cause I predict they will sell exactly zero of them at $800. Here's something to think about: most people carry their phones with them, whether they're at home or out and about. When at home, why not simply physically connect your phone to your audio gear with an also incredibly overpriced iPod analog connector, and save yourself $759?

Well, there's a good reason actually. The digital to analog converter in phones is pretty close to total crap. The sound quality will be much better using an outboard DAC.

Now, if you don't care, or have 128kbps MP3s, then maybe this doesn't matter. But if you don't care, you're not looking at something like this anyway.

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