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Cinelounger CinePetLounger

October 20, 2009 By Brooke Lange

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Cinelounger CinePetLounger
May FITT’s beloved mascot Bear rest in peace.

It’s a Dog’s Life

Everyone knows the family pet is a family member.

So if everyone heads to the home theater, what’s Fido (or Fifi) to do?

That’s where the CinePetLounger comes in.

The custom canine couch is made by First Impressions Theme Theatres Inc. and complements the style, color and detailing of the company’s most popular home theater chair, the CineLounger. It lets your furry loved one enjoy the flick, too. The doggie sofa includes in-arm storage for treats and a stainless-steel holder for a water bowl or a tub of pupcorn.

“Sometimes kids will crawl into the chair to watch a movie or use it as an extra bed for a sleepover,” says owner Jeff Smith.

Even cats love the one-size-fits-all couch (54 inches long, 30 inches deep.)

If you’re Great Dane or a Chihuahua, bark a little louder so Mom and Dad will custom-order a chair that’s just right for you. Then again, if you are a Great Dane or a Chihuahua and are reading this, please contact us as we would be interested in what canines think of HE.

Available in movie-house velvet, mohair, silk, suede and leather with a reversible cushion.

CinePetLounger: starting at $1,695 for velvet; $1,995 for leather

CONTACT: 800.305.7545, cineloungers.com

 Cinelounger CinePetLounger

 Cinelounger CinePetLounger


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