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The two halves of the Deco Lounger can be combined or split up.
Photograph By: Courtesy Fortress Seating

Family Feuding? No Problem.

Fortress Seating's stylish Deco Lounger loveseat splits in two.

HE Staff

Winner 10 Best 2008 Design

Supersized at 72 inches wide and 60 inches deep, the Deco Lounger from Fortress Seating can be pushed together to accommodate one loving couple or one sprawling TV viewer—or split into two parts for those times when you want a little more personal space.

Like Fortress' other Deco seating products, the Lounger is available in a seemingly unlimited array of fabrics, leathers, and colors. Other sizes are available, too, as is a motorized recliner option. And of course, it wouldn't be home theater seating if it weren't available with cupholders.