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Pivoting arms allow the DMT-100’s midrange and tweeter enclosures to be moved up, down, forward, backward, and side-to-side.
Photograph By: Courtesy Proclaim Audioworks

A New Way to Cut Corners

The unique design of Proclaim Audioworks' DMT-100 is even more important to the sound than it is to the looks.

Dennis Burger

A 10 Best 2008 Design winner

The designers at Proclaim Audioworks have hit upon an ingenious method of dealing with the harmful resonances that can be created by rectilinear speaker cabinets: They've done away with rectilinear speaker cabinets altogether.

Each driver in the company's DMT-100 loudspeaker array is housed in its own spherical enclosure—a sand-packed fiberglass sandwich of sorts—and rests upon a one-of-a-kind stand that facilitates unparalleled user manipulation of time alignment, height, spacing, and direction. If that's not enough, an external crossover network allows for the ultimate in electronic tweaking. Finishes include cue-ball white and eight-ball black; no word on the availability of stripes and solids. Price: $25,999.