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JHAudio PRO Series

July 22, 2010 By HE Staff

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JHAudio JH|13 PRO
JHAudio JH|13 PRO

Hardcore In-ears    

If you can't stand earbuds because they never fit right, and because they don't fit they sound horrible, you're not alone.

JHAudio's new PRO Series aims to fix both of those problems... for every ear.

The trick is a custom fit. An audiologist makes a mold of your ears. This earmold is then sent to JHAudio, and they build your selected earbuds precisely to fit your ears.  Because of the precise fit listening volume levels can be lower, as a significant amount of ambient noise is greatly reduced. Up to 26 dB of noise reduction is claimed. Each model has a three way crossover.

The 10X3 is the baby of the line, offering separate bass, mid range, and high range drivers, and offers a claimed frequency range of 20 Hz to 17 kHz.

The next step up 11 adds an additional bass driver, and has a claimed frequency response of 10 Hz to 17 kHz.

The 13 has dual bass, mid, and high range drivers (for six drivers total per ear) and has a frequency response of 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Like the 10X3 and 11, the 13 has a claimed sensitivity of 119 dB from 1 mW.

The top of the line 16 adds another set of bass drivers and is also rated at 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Sensitivity is a claimed 118 dB from 1 mW.

The outer shell is available in clear (what you see in the images below) or 50 custom colors.     

JH|10X3 PRO: $799
JH|11 PRO: $850
JH|13 PRO: $1,099
JH|16 PRO: $1,149

CONTACT: JHAudio.com

 JHAudio JH|13 PRO

 JHAudio JH|13 PRO


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