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Miami Nice

April 12, 2010 By Brooke Lange

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Miami Nice Living Room
Miami Nice Living Room
Miami Nice bar/kitchen
Miami Nice Terrace
The custom-dyed leather CineLounger theater chairs that anchor the cinema are from First Impressions Theme Theatres’ CineLounger line.
Each leather-covered chair is equipped with motorized mechanisms for motion, heat, massage and transducers.
The master suite is designed as a secondary theater with a concealed flat- screen TV and surround sound.
Miami Nice Master Bedroom
Miami Nice Theater Rack
Miami Nice

First Impressions Theme Theatres’ ever-colorful owner/architect/designer Jeffrey Smith turns the tables on himself–and designs his own high-tech bachelor pad complete with, of course, a private home cinema.

Miami Nice Living Room

Home Entertainment: This is quite a home … and it definitely has a Miami vibe to it. Were the electric-green home theater chairs the catalyst for the apartment’s overall design? The bright hue that blankets your company’s custom theater chairs is clearly a common design thread that’s woven throughout the apartment.

Jeff Smith: Actually the color palette came from South Florida’s surrounding sea and greenery with a cloud-like off-white as a background. The technical shade for the blues and greens I used are Cobalt Blue, Apple Green and Eggshell.

It’s clear you let the theater chairs be the star of your private screening room, next to the audiovisual treats, of course. As a result, you left the walls clean like a blank canvas?  

Yes, the strong color of the chairs takes center stage to the muted, gray-flannel monochromatic wall application. The Cobalt Blue- and Apple Green-fringed theater curtain ties it all together. The 7.1 surround-system is hidden behind the acoustically transparent, gray-fronted scrim panels. We used cherry wood “spears” as detail dividers.

It’s interesting that you would go with such a super contemporary design for your own residence, especially when most of the home theaters you design for your clients fall into the “old-time movie palace” category. How did this design come to be?  

The architectural enhancements and interior design elements and furnishings are from the late 1940s and early 1960s, all of which were deemed modern or contemporary back in the day.

 Miami Nice Living Room

For some interior designers, it’s a thrill to finally design their own home. For others, it’s torture. How was the design and build-out process for you? Did you have this look sketched out in your mind for many years?  

I’m the worst client my firm has ever had.  This project started out to be a simple renovation and ultimately became a major demolition and reconstruction of the entire space—from wall-to-wall and from ceiling-to-ceiling. My “sickness” of excellence and perfection took over. I certainly got caught up in the details and it was torture, but the end result speaks for itself.

I believe you designed several sets for Miami Vice back in the day. Any inspiration from that time or those sets in the design of your home?  

Many of the set designs and houses from Miami Vice were clean, contemporary and white or off-white—a major focal point as a background for the flashy attire the stars wore. Sure, some elements of that experience and some classic midcentury furniture pieces are found in my home, which I have dubbed the SkyLoft.


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