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New Sony 3D TVs

June 10, 2010 By HE Staff

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Sir Howard Stringer addresses a crowd at the June 9th 3D event at Sony Studios.
Sony LX900 Series
Sony HX909 Series
Sony BDP-S570

Sony 3Di Assault    

Sony had an event yesterday where they announced a whole cadre of products to push 3D from all angles, and highlighting their position as the only company with their fingers in every aspect of 3D, from shot to show.

TV and BD info after the jump.
Sir Howard
himself was there to show how serious Sony is taking 3D. Then, in turn, the top execs of the movie, gaming and consumer electronics divisions took center stage to explain how their pieces fit in the overall puzzle.

For us, of course, the big news is TVs. The following models are now available for pre-order.

 Sony LX900 Series

At the top of the list is the LX900 series, which are 52 and 60-inch an edge-lit LED LCDs with 240 Hz, integrated Wi-Fi and 3D emitters. It comes with 2 pairs of glasses.

The HX909 series, with 46 and 52-inch models, are backlit LED LCDs with local dimming. While it is also 240 Hz, it is just Wi-Fi and 3D ready, with the wireless dongle and 3D glasses/transmitter sold separately.

Sony HX909 Series

The HX800 series has 40, 46 and 55-inch models with LED edge lighting. Like the HX909 it's 240 Hz and wireless and 3D ready.

On the player side, the BDP-S770 and BDP-S570 have built in Wi-Fi, while the BDP-S470 is wireless ready. The latter two may require a firmware update to be 3D capable.

Sony BDP-S570

XBR-60LX900: $5,000
XBR-52LX900: $4,000

XBR-52HX909: $4,000
XBR-46HX909: $3,500

KDL-55HX800: $3,400
KDL-46HX800: $2,700
KDL-40HX800: $2,100

CONTACT: sonystyle.com

 Sir Howard Stringer addresses a crowd at the June 9th 3D event at Sony Studios.


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