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New Sony ES Receivers

July 13, 2010 By HE Staff

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Tons of custom features
While Sony's ES line has always been the top end of their offerings, the new ES receivers are also extremely custom install oriented with a bunch of features that custom installers (and their customers) will love.

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Like nearly all new receivers, the STR-DA5600ES, STR-DA4600ES, and STR-DA3600ES are able to pass a 3Di signal, decode all the latest audio formats on BD, and upconvert all video to 1080p.

For the custom install market, there's the ability to easily integrate into most home automation systems, like Crestron, Control4, Savant, AMX, and more. This is, in part, thanks to RS232 and IR input jacks. Via the Ethernet jack on the back, you also have access to Shoutcast and Rhapsody, plus the top of the line 5600 will function as a DLNA Live Audio Server.

But the Ethernet functionality goes further, featuring an Ethernet hub with the ability to hook up four additional Ethernet-enabled devices (think PS3, BD, etc). This is one of those feature so useful it's probably amazing this is the first time we've seen it. The 5600 and 4600 even have the ability to send video over CAT5 to another room.

iPhone/touch owners can download a free app that turns said device into a fully featured remote.

The STR-DA5600ES is rated at 130 watts for each of its 7 channels into 8 ohms at 0.09% THD. The STR-DA4600ES is rated at 120 watts and the STR-DA3600ES at 100 watts.

Like all ES products, the new receivers come with a 5-year manufacturers warranty and a 90-day exchange program. The receivers will be available only from Sony ES dealers.

STR-DA5600ES: $2,000 (September)
STR-DA4600ES: $1,500 (August)
STR-DA3600ES: $1,100 (August)

CONTACT: Sony.com/ES





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