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New Pioneer Two-Channel Audio System

August 18, 2010 By Liz Palacios

Pioneer Electronics has introduced their new G-Clef components, which include luxury CD players and amplifiers that provide a professional-grade listening experience at an affordable price point.

The Elite G-Clef line includes two amplifiers, the SX-A6MK2 and the SXA9MK2, as well as two CD players, the PD-D6MK2 and PD-D9MK2. Every model was inspected by an AIR Studio sound engineer to ensure the most accurate recreation of the original recording. Internal components deliver signals to create a dynamic two-channel hi-fi experience.

Tim Vine-Lott, technical director of AIR Studios says, “The new G-Clef series is a perfect example of product developed with meticulous attention to detail at every step in the process. Pioneer and AIR Studios have worked together for ten years developing products down to the screws. We’re proud to put our stamp on products that exceed our requirements.”

Elite G-Clef CD/SACD Players
Featuring Burr-Brown and Twin Wolfson D/A converters, the PD-D6MK2 and the PD-D9MK2 have the purest digital to analog conversion. Hi-Bit technology increases sound data length from 16-bit to 24-bit. The players also have Legato Link Conversion PRO, which utilize algorithms to recreate ultra-high harmonics lost in the digital conversion process.





Both models come in a glossy black finish with a blue LCD display. The PD-D6MK2 has an aluminum front panel, while the PD-D9NK2 has that, as well as a rigid under-base construction and a honeycomb chassis design.

Elite G-Clef Integrated Sound Amplifiers

Both amplifiers have a Twin Mono Symmetrical construction design that maintains electrical isolation between both channels from input to output. The construction also reduces the signal path of each circuit block, which allows for less distortion of signal quality.





The SX-A6MK2 has Twin EL Transformers, while the SX-A9MK2 features Twin Toroidal Transformers. Both components increase available power, prevent signal interference and reduce noise, even at extremely low frequencies.


CD/SACD Player PD-D6MK2: $700
CD/SACD Player PD-D9MK2: $1,500

Amplifier SX-A6MK2: $700
Amplifier SX-A9MK2: $1,500





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