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September 11, 2009 By HE Staff

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They might be giants.

They were originally designed for the reference theater at DTS' London headquarters, but now the new Procella Audio speakers and subwoofers can be part of your home theater - if you have the right size room and wallet.

Procella Audio says the company's loudspeakers were built to accurately reproduce high-resolution 96/24 recordings with transparency and full dynamic range in any size room. The high-frequency drivers combine a one-inch compression driver with a Procella-designed constant directivity elliptical waveguide that's supposed to provide constant dispersion regardless of frequency. Another Procella technology, Identical Voice, helps achieve a precise timbre match when different Procella models are used for the main channels and the surrounds.

Either of the two monitor speakers can be matched with any of the three subwoofers to make a full-range system, and the monitors (with or without subwoofers) can be mixed for use as mains, center, and surrounds. The P815 model combines the larger of the two Procella monitors with a 15-inch woofer. The combo is biamped using a built-in 2 x 700 Class-D amplifier.

The speakers are very industrial looking, especially the P815 with the monitor mounted on top of the subwoofer. But place them behind a screen or a cloth-covered wall, and they'll sound fantastic.

P815 (active full-range speaker): $8,999 each
P8 (8-inch 2-way monitor): $2,499 each
P6 (6.5-inch 2-way monitor): $1,499 each
P18 (Dual 18-inch powered subwoofer): $8,999
P15 (Dual 15-inch powered subwoofer): $5,999
P10 (Dual 10-inch powered subwoofer): $3,999




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