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True Blue Home Theater

October 23, 2009 By Brooke Lange

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While Smith’s team has installed theaters in upstate New York before, the weather still posed a challenge. “We had to get through mud to reach the building,” he says.
True Blue Home Theater
The theater’s Digital Projection TITAN projector is housed in a rear ceiling beam.
True Blue Home Theater
True Blue Home Theater

Tech Talk: Blue Beauty

The owners chose to leave the Stewart projection screen curtain-free.For many audiovisual experts, nearly every piece of gear in this home theater could be described as “the Rolls-Royce of Cadillacs.”

And when it comes to A/V processors, they don’t come much better than the Lexicon MC-12 HD Music & Cinema Processor, which is at the heart of this system.

Ditto the Genelec 1038B Tri-amplified Monitoring System speakers and 1038BC Tri-amplified Monitoring System center channel speaker, which is concealed behind the room’s massive 174-inch diagonal Stewart Filmscreen Luxus Screenwall, as well as the quartet of Genelec AIW26 Active In-Wall Loudspeakers that serve as the theater’s surround channels.

The Richard Gray’s Power Company PowerHouse—3,000 pounds and $9,000 worth of heavy metal thunder—is designed to take 240-volt AC and transform it into 6,200 watts of clean, safe and continuous 120-volt power for as many as 21 devices.

Topping off this stellar set-up is the Digital Projection TITAN 1080p-250 Pro Series Projector. This high-performance three-chip DLP projector, however, sells for more than most new Cadillacs.

But the performance of this amazing installation isn’t determined entirely by the equipment: The room itself is also a key component—most notably, the scalloped elements along the side walls. “We wanted to play the lighting up,” says Smith. “We wanted to be able to wash some interesting architectural lighting across the wall panels.”

So how did the room’s shape affect the acoustics? “Well, you have the Golden Rule of sizing, first of all: Nothing should divide into itself equally. So we changed the dimensions [of the room] a bit with our shaping. The shaping [also eliminated] standing sound waves because we no longer have parallel surfaces in the room.” (Standing waves are sound waves that combine to create uneven frequency response—unnatural peaks and dips in volume—most notably in the bass frequencies.)

The elements in the wall also gave Smith and his team more control over the first reflection point. (That is, the point on the side wall between the listener and the front soundstage, at which sound from the front speakers would reflect if not absorbed or diffused, resulting in a noticeable and detrimental echo.) “We just spoke with the Genelec tech who EQ’d the system,” Smith says, “and his comment was that the room was large, and it was challenging for him, but he made it rock.”—Dennis Burger


ARCHITECT (RESIDENCE): Peter L. Gluck & Partners Architects of New York, NY (gluckpartners.com, 212.690.4950)

THEATER ARCHITECT AND DESIGNER: First Impressions Theme Theatres Inc. of North Miami, Fla. (800.305.7545, cineloungers.com)

CUSTOM INSTALLER: HED South of Hollywood, Fla. (954.929.2700, hedsouth.com)

INTERIOR DESIGNER (RESIDENCE AND THEATER): Holmes Newman & Partners of Miami, Fla. (305.576.4372)

“The inspiration came from the architecture of the building, which was added to a sprawling complex by a renown architectural group. Cubism was the tie-in. ” —Jeffrey Smith, theater architect and designer


Wow! Beautiful theater.

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