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Plasma: The Myths Are Still Alive

Since myths about plasma TVs persist, we thought it best to revisit the facts. A White Paper by technical research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC) and Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), addresses these fictions. Among them: burn-in, short lifetimes, poor black levels, brightness and color accuracy. The test results were averaged from among plasma, LCD and DLP displays, selected at random. The displays were tested at high and low brightness at different viewing angles.
Although it is true that after 48 hours of displaying a static video game menu a slight amount of phosphor "retained image" (not permanent burn-in) was noticeable, the plasmas returned to a perfect score after running a movie loop for 24 hours. The plasmas showed a smaller amount of light output and black level decrease that the other TVs. Given that most people replace their TVs within 10 years, any product with a lifetime of 30,000 hours (or viewing 4 hours per day for 20 years) should not be a cause for concern. Conclusion: "The commonly held beliefs about the viability and performance quality of plasma TVs turn out to be merely myths when held up to the discerning eye of quantifiable testing."
To read the entire White Paper, click here and browse to "Mythbusting: Just the Facts on Plasma TV Performance"


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