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Wisdom Audio Introduces Next Level Planar Magnetic Speaker Line

November 24, 2010 By Home Entertainment Editorial Staff

Target: World's Finest Music Rooms, Home Theaters, Professional Screening Rooms, Post-Production Facilities
 Wisdom Audio has just announced their state-of-the-art modular line source loudspeaker systems, the Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3. Built for the upper echelon, reference realm, they are designed for extremely high efficiency, wide dynamic range and ultimate sound quality. States Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio President.  "We applied the cumulative planar magnetic transducer design experience of our team to create the Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3, resulting in a totally fresh concept, the most advanced speaker we ever made and, we believe, the best performing domestic speaker system available. They completely shatter all preconceptions about speaker performance and placement."

The LS4 features four 20" high modules, each incorporating two planar magnetic midrange drivers flanking a planar high frequency driver in an 80" vertical line source configuration for left-right main speaker application. The LS3 includes three modules with a combined vertical line source height of 60", for use as a center channel speaker. The dual upper bass/lower midrange planar magnetic drivers handle frequencies from 80 Hz to 750 Hz. The midrange/tweeter planar driver covers the rest of the entire audible range, with flat response extending to beyond 20 kHz. 

The systems are bi-amplified - eliminating crossovers and their accompanying audible distortion. The system's resistive load to the amplifiers assures power amplifier stability even at sound levels to beyond 130dB. Specifications include the LS4's 100 dB at 1 watt/2.83V. To achieve their high efficiency and wide dynamic range, the LS4 incorporates 1,656 ceramic and neodymium magnets, equal to 392 linear feet. The combined radiating area of the LS4's low range drivers is equivalent to 43 six-inch conventional drivers, while the combined radiating area of its high range drivers is equivalent to 96 one-inch dome tweeters. 
The curved arc enclosure features a unique, aesthetic profile flanked by two burled walnut panels. Additional finishes will be available. The depth of each enclosure is 12 inches and can be hidden behind decorative, acoustically transparent material.

The Wisdom series speakers are built to match the newly unveiled STS subwoofer, which we covered in an article last month, on October 15.
The Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3 systems will be unveiled at the International Consumer Electronics Show in January 2011, with initial deliveries beginning in February. As of this writing the Wisdom Series speakers have not yet been included on the website other than a press release, but stay tuned:
MSRP: $40,000 each for the Wisdom Series LS4, and $30,000 each for the Wisdom Series LS3. 



 Wisdom Audio's LS4 planar magnetic reference speakers



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