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December 9, 2010 By Mark Elson - Senior Editor

Back in the 70's and 80's, Southern California audio fans were familiar with RSL Speaker Systems, sold at Rogersound Labs audio/video stores throughout the area. During those decades, RSL was one of the best selling brands in the region. The RSL Studio Monitors were a familiar sight in many of L.A.'s recording studios and radio stations and were owned by many of LA's top musicians. They still have a loyal following. RSL speakers stood for high quality and great sound at reasonable, factory-direct prices. "I am amazed by the number of emails I receive from owners who still are happy with their older RSL Speakers", says founder Howard Rodgers.
For the past 3 years, Howard Rodgers and his son Joseph have been developing a new line of home theater speakers and studio monitors based upon RSL's patented Compression Guide Technology. 
According to Rodgers, Compression Guide Technology is a different approach to speaker tuning, which dramatically increases the clarity of the voices and instruments as well as improving the soundstage (the company's slogan is, "Hear Outside the Box"). It also results in significant bass extension with less boominess and overhang. "There are dozens of really fine speaker brands available today. The world doesn't need another brand, unless it has something unique to offer. We will be offering speaker sound quality that we're certain will impress picky audiophiles, at prices much lower than those found currently in the audiophile market." Rodgers said.
RSL Speaker Systems will be offered exclusively through their website www.rslspeakers.com beginning December 29, 2010. All RSL speakers will come with a 30 day satisfaction money back guaranty. RSL will even pay shipping both ways so that customers will pay nothing to try them, if returned.
The initial RSL line will include a compact 2-way speaker designed to complement their new subwoofer, the RSL Speedwoofertm 10. The RSL Speedwoofertm 10 will feature wireless remote control of volume and crossover frequency. It is powered by a 375-watt pure analog Class A/B amplifier. Rodgers describes the bass as impactful with extreme clarity that doesn't intrude on the mid-range sound like most subwoofers.
The line will include a new RSL Studio Monitor, which can also perform as an ideal center channel when placed horizontally. All models will feature RSL's patented Compression Guide Technology and high-gloss black piano finished cabinets. Combinations of these models will be suitable for home theater as well as stereo installations.
In late January, the company will also be introducing in-wall and in-ceiling models which will acoustically match the other speakers in the line.
To learn more, click here for RSL's website:   LAUNCH DATE DECEMBER 29, 2010
 RSL CG4 Speaker System
 RSL CG24 Studio Monitor / Center Channel
 RSL Speedwoofer 10 with remote


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