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Digital Projection’s New dVision LED Projector Features 100,000 Hours of Lampless Illumination

Emmy® Award winner Digital Projection International (DPI) recently announced their new dVision 30-1080p LED projector. With over 100,000 hours of lampless LED illumination life, DPI points to long-term cost of ownership as a primary benefit.
The 30-1080p LED utilizes Texas Instruments' DarkChip DLP technology for deep black levels and dynamic range. Additionally, instead of using a color wheel, red, green and blue LED diodes produce primary color illumination, rendering color gamut and color saturation similar to that of a 3-chip DLP projector. Removing the internal spinning color wheel has a further benefit, as color wheel artifacts are eliminated and fast-moving images appear remarkably sharp and free of motion smear. These benefits are especially important for content with fast moving imagery, such as sporting events and gaming. 

Suitable for home entertainment venues with controlled ambient light, the dVision LED is quiet and offers a diversity of system capabilities. Installation is facilitated via an array of ultra-accurate optics, which provide throw ratios as short as .75:1 and as long as 6.5:1. The dVision's quick-change motorized lens mount provides a broad range of horizontal and vertical lens shift, allowing the projectors to be placed in a wide variety of locations in relation to the screen. Source compatibility provides simple integration, control and intuitive operation. 

George Walter, VP of Home Cinema for DPI, remarked, "As LED technology continues to expand within the residential market, the dVision signifies a true LED-driven precision projector for upscale home cinemas. The combination of the Lifetime Illumination light source and the proven stability of the dVision chassis ensure the dVision LED will bring home entertainment enthusiasts many years of dazzling imagery."
To learn more about the dVision 30-1080p, click here:
MSRP $29,995


 DPI dVision 30-1080p Lampless LED Projector






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