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And In a Related Story: We’re a Bandwidth-Hungry Nation

January 17, 2011 By Mark Elson - Senior Editor

The White House has joined forces with the FCC to free up 500MHz of bandwidth for wireless applications. Federal estimates project that future wireless data flow will increase between 20 and 45 times the total bandwidth used in 2009. "Spectrum crunch" fears are fueling the drive to survey spectrum inventory in order to determine how much could be shared or resold.
The challenge is to convince television broadcasters to either sell some of their 120MHz back to the government or share it with wireless companies. Referring to HR3125, "The Spectrum Inventory Act" originated and passed in the House of Representatives and S649, recently approved by the Senate Commerce Committee, National Association of Broadcasters Executive Vice President Dennis Wharton said: "We believe the first priority of Congress ought to be passage of spectrum inventory legislation that identifies fallow spectrum or companies that may be 'warehousing' the airwaves.". To read more,go to:


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