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Tributaries® New HDMI Cables Perform Over Long Distance

As a consumer, you might not be aware of the critical role cables play in your system, especially when sending HD signal over significant distance. Consider your cables as the final components, responsible for preserving pristine signal quality. In that light, it's big news that Tributaries® has unveiled its new line of cables - HEC HDMI with Ethernet The new models conform to the performance requirements consistent with all the new HDMI v1.4 upgrades. Additional improvements on the connectors and the cables provide easier installation and improved signal transfer over long distances. The new HEC cable has one extra conductor in the number 14-pin position, previously unused on the HDMI connector for the dedicated Ethernet Channel.
Shorter Connectors
Tributaries' has decreased the overall length of the HDMI connector body by approximately a quarter of an inch. This space-savings is critical for installers who must to fit these cables into tight spaces and where hiding the cable behind a flat panel is becoming increasingly difficult.


 Go! TechnologyTM

To ensure proper signal transmission over longer lengths, Tributaries HDMI cables, are engineered with Go! TechnologyTM. This new technology consists of an on-board miniature passive network built into the receiving-end connector, making the cables directional.


Based on dealer feedback, Tributaries has added longer lengths for all series of HDMI cable:

Series 3: High Speed with Ethernet - lengths to 6 meter.
Series 5: High Speed with Ethernet - lengths to 8m & Standard Speed with Ethernet to 15m.
Series 7: High Speed with Ethernet - lengths to 10m & Standard Speed with Ethernet to 20m.
Series 9: High Speed with Ethernet - lengths to 12m & Standard Speed with Ethernet to 25m.
MSRP (2-meter)
3HEC - 2 meter = $50.00
5HEC - 2 meter = $80.00
7HEC - 2 meter = $125.00
9HEC - 2 meter = $200.00
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Tributaries New HDMI cables 




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