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Crestron’s New Intermedia System Delivers Double the Content at Half the Price

February 10, 2011 By Home Entertainment Editorial Staff

Crestron, a leader in home control has introduced its new ADMS Intermedia Delivery System, which provides more new Internet TV content from your favorite sites including ESPN, CNN, ABC News, NFL, NBA, Fox News and MSN. This is in addition to the existing natively-hosted ADMS media, including Netflix®, HuluTM, Metacafe®, iTunes®, VimeoTM, YouTubeTM, Comedy Central and many other online sources. Did we mention the previously built-in Blu-ray player has been removed and the price slashed in half?
For those with Blu-ray and DVD libraries, Crestron has made available the new Sony 400-disc Disc Blu-ray MegaChanger (CEN-BDP-CX7000ES). The capacity is double that of its predecessor, the ADC-200BR...and at half the cost. The new ADMS is specially engineered to directly communicate with the Sony MegaChanger over the network, so you can browse and play a vast array of media, including discs stored in the changer, from intuitive Crestron touch panels, remotes, or even from your iPad®, iPhone® or Android® mobile device.


The Sony Mega-Changer functions as either a stand-alone player or as part of a complete ADMS system.

Easy Upgrade for Existing ADMS Servers
If you already own an ADMS, you can get all the new content, plus seamless support for the Sony MegaChanger. By clicking on the "update available" message on your ADMS display, the upgrade installs automatically.

Contact your local Crestron dealer for pricing.

To learn more, click here:

Note: The ADMS Intermedia Delivery System is a component within the Crestron control system. It does not perform independently.

 Crestron New ADMS Media Delivery System



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