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New Russound Digital Media Streamer Delivers Network-Based Digital Music To Multiroom Systems

February 15, 2011 By Home Entertainment Editorial Staff

DMS-3.1 Enables Listening To Four Simultaneous Audio Signals from Internet, Storage Devices or Built-In AM/FM Tuner

Multiroom audio stalwart Russound, has announced a versatile new addition to its C-Series line of multiroom audio products that provides audio streams from networked-based digital music sources for any room in a home. The new Russound DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer delivers up to three simultaneous stereo digital audio streams for distribution around the house. The sources for these three audio signals may be from the Internet or from music files on connected storage devices. A fourth simultaneous signal is available from the DMS-3.1's built-in AM/FM stereo tuner.

The DMS-3.1 Digital Media Streamer features rear panel stereo audio output jacks for each of the three audio streams plus another pair for the tuner, and a Source ID Switch for each stream to easily identify it within the system. Designed to work with Russound C-Series controllers and multiroom audio systems, the DMS-3.1 connects to the controller via an Ethernet LAN (wired RJ45) home network connection. The DMS-3.1 can also play back audio files on LAN-connected DLNA devices, such as network drives, which may be located in various rooms throughout the home.

The DMS-3.1 supports intelligent user interfaces with media menus and metadata displayed on system keypads and touchscreens. Russound C-Series keypads or touch screens provide control of the streams, along with meta data information. Assuming that the home is Internet-connected, the DMS-3.1 can stream content from online radio stations and music services.

The DMS-3.1 also incorporates an AM/FM Radio Tuner with RDS feedback, and corresponding rear local radio listening throughout the home. The DMS-3.1 will ship in May.

To learn more about Russound's C-series, click here: 


 Russound Digital Media Streamer

Russound Digital Media Streamer 




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