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SurgeX Protects Premium 240V Components

February 20, 2011 By Mark Elson - Senior Editor

SurgeX, of Zebulon, N.C., manufacturer of AC power products that combine surge elimination with power conditioning, has unveiled its XN240, the only 240 Volt NEMA surge elimination product on the market as of this writing. The XN240 is designed to protect larger products, projectors and video display panels that require 240V service. The XN240 unit, housed in a NEMA box, is hardwired as an in-wall subpanel at the service entrance or the equipment room, offering a solution for AV systems where rack space is at a premium.
According to Surgex, there are currently no other solutions for sensitive 240V gear currently on the market, meaning that these expensive devices are left without required protection. When the panel/projector is connected to an outlet fed through the XN240, the SurgeX unit will protect and condition the AV component from the branch circuit. 
The XN240 is built to eliminate surges and transients that can degrade AV system performance and protect 240V-sensitive gear. Designed to provide failsafe protection required for multiple circuits, the XN240 features a dedicated 240 Volt/20 AMP circuit and has two surge suppression modules, one for each 120-volt leg to safeguard a variety of equipment, including smart appliances such as refrigerators, dryers and microwaves. Surgex claims the XN240 completely eliminates all surges up to 6,000 Volts/3000 Amps without producing disturbances that can degrade the performance and shorten the service life of an A/V system.
Stated Shannon Townley, Senior Vice President for SurgeX, "With SurgeX A-1-1 Certified Advanced Series Mode® technology, equipment will run better, sound better, and improve picture quality." The XN240 comes with an eleven-year warranty.


For more information about SurgeX and to find a dealer, click here:
MSRP $999. 




 Surgex XN240





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