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New RSL In-Wall & In-Ceiling Speakers Now Shipping

February 22, 2011 By Home Entertainment Editorial Staff

"Best Sound for the Lowest Price - Or You Pay Nothing"


RSL Speaker Systems has introduced new in-wall and in-ceiling speaker models, specifically designed to be compatible with the sound characteristics of their other speaker models in the Compression Guide line, the CG4 and CG24. (Read our rave review of RSL Speakers) . This now gives RSL customers the flexibility to install an all-RSL Speaker home theater system that includes matching in-wall and in-ceiling speakers for the surround and rear channels. In fact, RSL feels that these new speakers sound good enough to also be used for all channels in a home theater system, in tandem with RSL's Speedwoofer 10 subwoofer.
When asked why he decided to launch a new speaker line in today's crowded market, Howard Rodgers, president of RSL, pointed to the outstanding value provided by a quality manufacturer offering high-performance speakers at factory-direct prices: "There are dozens of really fine speaker brands available today. The world doesn't need another brand, unless it has something unique to offer. We will be offering speaker sound quality that we're certain will impress picky audiophiles, at prices much lower than those found currently in the audiophile market." 

Typical round speakers mount the tweeter in front of the woofer. Some of the sound that emanates from the woofer strikes the tweeter and is reflected back to the woofer, causing cancellation at certain frequencies and erratic frequency response. The RSL C-34 in-ceiling speakers employ a unique lateral driver alignment, resulting in smoother frequency response. The RSL C-34 speakers feature dual 4"woofers and a 7/8" silk dome, swiveling tweeter. The baffle is also angled so that it can be aimed at the listener for better imaging.
The RSL W-26 in-wall speaker is a 2-way rectangular speaker with 6 ½" woofer and 7/8" swiveling, silk dome tweeter. Both models feature quality crossover parts including air core inductors and polypropylene capacitors. Both models are available directly from RSL Speaker Systems, which accounts for the strong pricing value. They come with a 5 year warranty against defects in materials in workmanship and a 30 day satisfaction money back guaranty. RSL will even pay shipping both ways so that customers will wind up paying nothing to try them, if not completely delighted.
RSL W-26 $169.95 per pair
RSL C-34 $199.95 per pair




 RSL W-26 InWall speaker


 RSL W-26 InWall Speaker

 RSL C-34 InCeiling speaker





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