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Mobi’s AV Monitor Brings Families Together

February 27, 2011 By Home Entertainment Editorial Staff

Security and Peace of Mind for Families Who are Distant from Loved Ones, Near or Far

When combined, two of Mobi Technologies' products, work in tandem to provide families with safety, security and instant contact. The MobiCam ® AV is a compact, 2-piece wireless audio/video camera and monitoring system. Both the camera and the monitor are handheld devices and can be moved to locations within the home such as bedroom, family room, kitchen or outdoor area. With a transmission range of up to 300 ft., automatic see-in-the-dark night vision, and the ability to connect to your TV or other audio-video device, MobiCam®AV provides safety, security and peace of mind by discreet monitoring of your family's loved ones - teens in the pool area, infants, toddlers and senior parents in need of care. Features include:

- The ability to scan between dual video sources
- Monitoring via your TV or computer as well as the MobiCam®AV monitor
- Automatic night vision sees in total darkness

The second offering is the MobiCam® Internet Kit, which allows you to keep a powerful eye on things. The Internet Kit sets up easily in minutes, allowing picture and sound from your MobiCam®AV or most any video monitoring set-up, to be monitored live via Internet browser on a PC or cell phone. Says Bart Greenberg, Mobi Technologies Vice President of Sales: "Mobi's product / webservice combo offers parents and caregivers the capabilities of much more expensive and complex surveillance systems to keep an eye on loved ones and property...anytime...from anywhere...for greater peace of mind." Features include:

- Scheduled or motion-triggered recording to your PC
- Set-up, which creates your own secure access website
- Stream live video & sound from up to 4 cameras
- Motion detection with email or text message alert 
- Up to 3 simultaneous viewers via PC or cell phone
- Adjustable picture quality and size
- Store weeks of recordings for retrieval & playback 
- Eliminates need to configure network & firewalls
MobiCam® AV - $149.99
MobiCam® Internet Kit $59.95


Available online at http://www.getmobi.com/

 MobiCam AV







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