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Soundcast Gets You Ready for Wireless, Warm Weather Entertaining

Let's say you have a massive music library in your iPod, iTouch or computer. You'd love to hear your tunes in the back yard but digging a trench, running wire and permanently mounting outdoor speakers is impractical. And stringing wire along the outside stucco is, just...well...tacky. The solution is simple.

Soundcast's interference-free, 2.4 GHz system of transmitters and wireless outdoor speakers work in tandem thusly: The iCast transmitter acts as a docking recharge station for your iPod or iTouch, wirelessly relaying your music up to 350 feet through walls, doors, floors, and ceilings to Soundcast's Outcast outdoor speaker. Cool so far?

In addition, the Soundcast UAT (Universal Audio Transmitter) allows you to stream audio directly from your Mac or PC, to all Soundcast receivers and outdoor wireless speakers. The UAT supports all major media players with no drives or software required.

The Outcast is Soundcast's all-weather outdoor wireless speaker, which broadcasts multi-directional sound within 350 feet of Soundcast transmitter. Place it in your yard, patio, boat, pool area, cabana...wherever. The Outcast features selection control buttons for play/pause, track forward/back for remote iPod® control. We hear there's a beer tap app coming soon. Just kidding. But not a bad idea.

Other Outcast features include:
• 100-watt digital amplifier
• One (1) 8" downward-firing woofer and four (4) 3" high-frequency drivers
• Operates for 10+ hours on the rechargeable battery pack for non-stop entertaining
• Water resistant plastic enclosure case

To purchase online or to find a local dealer, click here: 




Soundcast Outdoor wireless speaker


Soundcast iCast with iPod 

Soundcast Outcast Outdoor Wireless speaker 




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