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DAR.fm: Cloud-Based DVR for Radio

The New York Times is reporting the launch of a new cloud-based audio service that will allow users to remotely record shows from 600 terrestrial radio stations and access these recordings from anywhere. Dar.fm is a service that can be used to record radio shows, store them in the cloud and listen to them on PCs, Android and iOS handhelds, Roku boxes and a variety of other connected devices.  Dar.fm went through a private alpha test with a few select users during the last couple of months, and the site is now live.


Here's how it brands itself:
"On radio broadcasters determine the schedule. If you're not in front of your radio you miss out. Using DAR you can record material that interests you and listen at a convenient time. Because recordings are played back you can pause, rewind or fast forward as you wish. Since the material is stored on the Internet you can listen almost anywhere..." Users can schedule recordings either by time slot - for example, to record an hour of KCRW's programming at a certain time, or by show, in which case the service records a show the next time it airs on any of the stations it monitors.


Dar.fm is associated with MP3Tunes, which acts as library for saved recordings. There is current litigation as MP3Tunes is fighting with EMI over the right to stream personal music collections to end- users without obtaining a license from the record label.

To read the entire article,click here:








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