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Crestron Ships New, Affordable Integration Control Systems, Multi-Purpose Keypads

More Control System Power, Speed and Memory at Lower Price Point


Crestron announced that its new generation PMC3 and PMC3-XP Prodigy® control systems are now shipping. The PMC3 control systems provide an IT-based backbone for simplified, affordable whole house control and automation. Improvements include faster processing speeds, long-range wireless support and more memory for greater expandability, and increased design flexibility. This is newsworthy because Crestron has long been known to provide powerful but expensive control systems, requiring miles of wire and cable for installations to pull.
"PMC3 and PMC3-XP are much more than just new control systems, they're the future of affordable integrated home automation, with the power and flexibility to control the whole home locally and remotely," says Fred Bargetzi, Crestron Vice President of Technology. "The XP model also offers a seamless upgrade path to the full Crestron line, giving homeowners the flexibility to start simple then expand to the unlimited possibilities of Crestron home control on their own terms, when they're ready."
Model PMC3 for example, enables real-time multitasking to seamlessly run up to 10 independent programs simultaneously, all communicating with each other on the same platform. Using a Prodigy handheld remote, whole house control is fast, easy and reliable. Additionally, PMC3-XP completely protects homeowners' hard-earned technology investment, enabling a smooth, future-poof upgrade path to Crestron without ripping out equipment and starting from scratch.
Built-in Crestron wireless technology enables control signals to be sent hundreds of feet through floors and walls without the need for separate gateways, making PMC3 even more versatile and system design even easier. Crestron apps are available from the iTunes® App Store, Crestron Mobile Pro® and Mobile Pro G apps for Apple iPad® and iPhone®. 
Crestron also announced the release of two new Prodigy® Wireless Keypads, which simplify installation, enabling streamlined wireless control of lighting and multiroom audio distribution systems in the home. The P-CBDEX Prodigy Wireless Keypad and P-KPLEX Prodigy Wireless Lighting Keypad connect directly to a Prodigy home control system. All Prodigy control systems, including the new PMC3 and PMC3-XP, feature a built-in wireless gateway so there's no need to setup a separate wireless network. This is significant because previously, using a single keypad for multiple purposes was considered highly controversial among luxury systems integrators, many of whom insisted upon isolating lighting, music and other control to their own discrete keypads. 


Said Vincent Bruno, Crestron Director of Marketing. "Our new long range wireless technology supports up to 100 wireless devices, which enables larger, more reliable wireless system designs." The P-CBDEX includes all buttons required for complete room lighting control and multi-room audio control. 

For more information on the PMC3 and PMC3-XP, click here: 

Creston PMC3 Prodigy control system 


 Crestron CDBCN multi-purpose keypads



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