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Four New Projectors from avielo

Aimed at the high-end custom installation market for use in luxury lifestyle applications, the newest avielo series of high performance projectors are designed and hand-built in Fredrikstad, Norway by projectiondesign®. These avielo projectors feature the same advanced imaging technology that is used to make block-buster movies.
avielo optix SuperWide 235
According to the manufacturer, the SuperWide 235 is the world's first native 2.35:1 home-theater projector, providing video signal exactly as the director intended. The heart of the engine is Texas Instruments' newest high pixel-density DLP chip, which delivers true 2538 x 1080 resolution. No more black bars, no more need for anamorphic, secondary lenses softening image clarity. Movies can be viewed in native wide format, just as the director intended. Does 2538 x 1080 resolution without the addition of ancillary optics impress you? The projector uses increased native resolution to expand the width of the image without impacting the height.


avielo optix 3Di
Based on the award-winning avielo optix Full HD projector, the avielo optix 3D adds a proprietary image processing engine to create 3D from stereoscopic sources including the latest Blu-ray Disc players and sources with single HDMI 1.4 outputs.


avielo helios Studio Edition
Featuring a specially designed, optically pure light engine and many other enhancements, avielo has positioned the helios Studio Edition as a contender for the "ultimate in high-performance home-theater projector" - a crowded field to be sure. Entirely hand built in Norway and subjected to painstaking quality control, avielo is shooting for "a smoother, richer, more distortion-free image than any other 3-chip home-theater projector".


avielo radiance RLS
The radiance RLS, according the avielo, is the world's first Remote Light SourceTM (RLS) projector, locating the lamps, thermal management and maintenance away from the projector head to a rack-mount unit up to 100ft away. Light gets carried to the projector head on a rugged line called a Liquid Light Guide (LLG). The flexible LLG uses a water-based liquid to transfer the light to the projector head, so one can project from virtually anywhere. These qualities make it ideal for installations in home theater rooms where background noise needs to be eliminated and where real estate is at a premium. All maintenance can be performed remotely in the rack-mounted enclosure. avielo by projectiondesign sees this technology as the way forward for projection.


avielo studio edition


 avielo radiance RLS







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