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Review: Boston Acoustics Voyager 7 Outdoor Speakers

Everybody seems to like speakers. I personally obsess about them. Maybe there are speakers better than mine. If so, I have to find them. But what about outdoors? Nobody seems to take into consideration good sound when you’re in your backyard grilling or throwing a Super Bowl party. Well we do… well, I do… and when it came time to review the Boston Acoustics Voyager 7 speakers - I had just the spot.

Boston Acoustics Voyager 7 Outdoor Speakers

Up until these I had been running planter speakers - those are speakers that are cleverly hidden underneath a planter. Great product - different review. In any case, the emphasis with those was on style. With THESE speakers, Boston Acoustics is all about quality. I mean these are the largest outdoor speakers in their Voyager line. They have a 7-inch woofer (hence the Voyager “7” - there’s also a “6”, “5” and “4”) and they are designed to put out a lot of bass. The tweeter is a 1” model with a Kortec dome - that’s a durable soft-dome fabric that can handle being exposed to the elements.

Now when you’re outdoors you need two things: strong bass to carry through the wide open spaces, and tons of power. Outdoors, that same speaker that was plenty loud in your living room, will sound like it’s being powered by a AAA battery. Boston acoustics made the Voyager 7’s pretty efficient (90db SPL @ 1W/1m), so they are louder with less amplification… and, they made them capable of handling amplifiers of up to 150Watts - that’s plenty of power handling. Ok you do need a third thing: durability. An outdoor speaker isn’t much good if it melts in the rain or your speakers sound like Bob Dylan trying to recite the Gettysburg address underwater. Both the drivers ad the enclosures have been well thought-out, so based on our experience and the build quality we see, they should last a good long time.

By Audioholics.com. Visit to see a full review and video.


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