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Multiuse Media Room Includes Projector and Flat Screen

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Family squeezed the maximum amount of fun out of a small basement remodel.

Entertainment squeezed into a small space

Often, when people come to CE Pros like Electronics Design Group of Piscataway, NJ, and ask for a big screen, what the homeowners have in mind is a big flat-screen TV. That was the case in this installation. The homeowner has a his mind set on a 103-inch plasma TV, because most people believe that’s the biggest and best you can get for the money.

However, as it often happens, Electronics Design Group proceeded to show this client what a projection theater can be, and it didn’t take long for the plasma dream to turn into a projector reality.

What they ended up with was a 110-inch screen from Elite Screens and a DPI M-Vision projector. But that’s not all. While the projector system perfectly suited the client’s wish for something big to enjoy movies and sports, the family still wanted the space to be suited for other purposes, so EDG put in an additional Samsung flat panel TV in the rear of the room, complete with its own audio equipment and sources. While some guests can watch a movie or sporting event on the projection screen, others can play video games on the rear TV.

For speakers, EDG installed in-wall B&W speakers and subwoofers, which sound great and don’t take away from the limited floor space. Because floor space was an issue, the owners opted for only one row of three theaters seats with a few beanbag-style seats for the kids. Acoustic panels on the walls add nice architectural elements while improving the room’s sound quality.

If that wasn’t enough family fun, an additional adjoining room includes another flat panel TV, custom bar and ping pong table.

Sources for the system include a 400-disc Sony Blu-ray player, DirecTV receivers, and Apple TV and two video game consoles.

To keep all this gear connected and easy to use, the family had EDG install a Control4 system to allow them access to their media from several different rooms.

Electronics Design Group
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