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Cyborg Theater Inspired by Terminator

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Back Wall
Front Wall
Projector Mount
Neural Chip
Hunter Killer
Vault Door
Cyberdyne Sign

Custom fabricated cyborg artifacts make this a theater Cyberdyne would approve of.

This couple's Terminator-inspired home theater

We’re not completely sure what would inspire a homeowner to jump at a new home theater room that looks like a tribute to the destruction of humanity, but it’s been done before, so it qualifies as a trend. This particular home theater, done by Vivid F/X Custom Install Services in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada is a great example of what a little sci-fi mixed with a lot of 21st century technology can do together.

Vivid F/X owner, DJ Gerling says the project started as a simple upgrade to the home owners’ existing satellite television system. A visit to the basement to check out wiring revealed a largely untapped 14’ x 21’ space that begged for a home theater system. The couple who lived there had been planning to place a plasma TV and a JBL HTiB between some old kitchen cabinets, but Gerling explained the possibilities of a full front projection system, and soon the couple was hooked. A little more questioning on Gerling’s part about the couple’s movie preference soon resulted in the “Terminator” idea.

Later that night, Gerling did his homework. “I watched all the “Terminator” movies from the beginning that night well into the morning, taking notes on set design, shooting locations, and what elements we could integrate into the design. The majority of the design elements were inspired by the second movie: “T2 – Judgement Day”,” says Gerling

What Gerling and his design team came up with was a theater based largely on the Cyberdyne Corporation building where the Terminator cyborgs were built. Custom signs, a custom built cyborg neural chip, a replica of the Hunter Killer aerial drone from “Terminator 3” and a cyborg Endoskull and Endoarm.

The audio video equipment for the theater included a Panasonic PTA4000 projector, a Screen Innovations Black Diamond II screen, BG Radia speakers with Velodyne subwoofers, audio gear from Onkyo and Parasound plus Buttkickers to give the theater seating an authentic sci-fi jolt.

The project was only recently completed, but Vivid F/X is still adding some tweaks including replica plasma rifles and a keypad card scanner. “The décor for the theater was paramount to the customer,” says Gerling. “The customers are ecstatic with the performance of the theater, so that’s all that matters.”

Design and Installation
VIVID F/X Custom Install Services
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Panasonic PTAE4000 1080P Projector
Screen Innovations Black Diamond II HD 1.4 wall screen
DVDO VP50 THX Pro Video Scaler
Octava 1080P Active HDMI Video Balun
Onkyo Pro THX ultra2 PR-SC55886 Preamplifier
Parasound THX ultra2 M5125 5 CH Power Amplifier
Audiocontrol Bijou THX Room Correction Equalizer
BG Radia PD-6LCRi Planar In-Wall Speakers with PDR 3” ribbon tweeters
BG Radia PD-6i Planar In Wall Surround Speakers
Velodyne SC-IW Vibration Cancelling In-Wall Subwoofers
Velodyne SA-200 Subwoofer Power Amplifier
Buttkicker LFE Transducers


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