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CEDIA Expo 2008 Wrapup

September 8, 2008 By HE Staff

Down from Mile High

Most of the news out of the CEDIA expo this year was of an evolutionary nature. Bigger, better performing, changes in price, those types of things. That doesn’t mean there wasn't plenty that caught our eye.

Make the jump for an overview of what we saw.

LG's BD300 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

New Panasonic projectors and plasmas

Multiple new Blu-ray products from Sony, including new ES line products.

Sony also lets loose a pair of new front projectors.

While JVC lets loose four new front projectors.

And projectiondesign unveils five.

Stewart Filmscreen's Cabaret doesn't look like any screen you've ever seen.

Sony gets skinny (LCD)

Marantz new $799 Blu-ray player.

Runco announces new flat panels and a new flat panel technology.

Epson's new 1080p front projector adds more features, but not more price.

Pioneer's new flagship Blu-ray player is a beast.

AudioControl's new Concert AVR-1 Receiver

Rotel shows off a whole new line of amps, pre-amps, and receivers.

BG and THX team up for the oddest looking subwoofer you'll ever see.

Anthem's D2 V.2 pre-amp got all the bells and whistles.

Parasound unveils their first receiver, the HDR77.



Whole Home
QuietHome Soundproof door, certified by THX

Universal Remote Control's MX-6000 controls HT Gear, PC Media, and iPod.

New Media servers from Niveus

Auralex Acoustics new SubDude HD isolates your speakers or sub from the floor.

Sunfire gets into the media server game.

Life|ware launches new media center PCs.

You wouldn't think a podium would be interesting, yet…

Straight Wire comes up with an elegantly simple cable solution.

Dennis Burger gets insulted by a guitar. (Best post of the show)

SE2 Labs' ITC One gets a facelift.


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