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New Rotel 15 Series

September 4, 2008 By HE Staff

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Rotel RSX-1560

Whole New Line

Rotel introduces the 15 Series, which includes multi-channel home theater receivers, a preamp/ surround processor, power amps, and in addition, power amps for custom installation.

The 7.1-channel RSX-1560 features 7 by 100 watts of class D power (with assignable channels for bi-amp or second-zone use), 4 HDMI 1.3 inputs, and 1080p Faroudja video processing.

The 1560 can be integrated into a customized rack-mountable package. Read our review of the RSX-1560 here.

A second A/V receiver, the RSX-1550, is a 7.1-channel design with 5 by 100 watts of class A/B power. It can be expanded with any of Rotel's two-channel or multi-channel power amps.

The RSP-1570 surround processor/preamplifier offers 4 HDMI 1.3 inputs, Faroudja 1080p processing, and multi-zone abilities in a 4.5-inch rack mount cabinet.

In the amp category, Rotel offers the RMB-1575, featuring 5 by 250 watts into 8 ohms of power in a rack-mountable format.

The RMB-1565 power amp packages 5 by 100 watts of Class D power, while a pair of new 2-channel class D models, the 2 by 250 watt RB-1572 and the 2 by 100 watt RB-1562, both in 3 inch form-factor can be added to upgrade power or adding channels.

The RMB-1512 features no less than (12) 100-watt channels in a single, 4.5- inch, rack-mountable cabinet. Installer-friendly features include input busing, front-panel attenuation controls for each channel, buffered link outputs that maintain signal integrity no matter how elaborate a system grows, and the inclusion of both heavy-duty 5-way speaker outputs and screw-terminals for custom wiring.

The two-channel RB-1510 offers two channels at 65 watts of class D power, and all of the RMD-1512 features in an ultra-slim rack-mountable case-perfect for adding rooms, zones, or channels as a system expands.

Finally, the RMB-1506 is a 6-channel amp, Class A/B amplifier topology, delivering 6 by 60 watts from a 4.5-inch cabinet.

RSX-1560 (pictured): $2599
RSX-1550: $1999
RSP-1570: $2199
RMB-1565: $1299
RMB-1575: $2799
RB-1562: $799
RB-1572: $1299
RB-1510: $499
RMB-1506: $999
RMB-1512: $2999

CONTACT: rotel.com



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