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Sooloos Home Media Appliance

July 8, 2008 By Scott Wasser

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Get in touch with your music

Admit it: If you’re into audio, you’ve always dreamed of having simple access to all of your music at any time. No digging through hundreds of vinyl or CD albums to find the right one, and no searching a computer hard drive or portable music player interface to create a suitable playlist.

Now a company called Sooloos is promising to turn your dream into reality. Touted as a home media appliance easy enough for anyone to use, the Sooloos system uses a 17-inch touchscreen to put virtually any size music system at the users’ fingertips—literally.

The company boasts that its system offers the best of three audio worlds: The aesthetic appeal of creative album covers, the clarity of CDs, and the access to massive music collections of computers. It does so with dealer-installed, “lightning-fast,” component-based systems that are versatile, flexible, and expandable enough to accommodate tens of thousands of albums.

Prices vary according to system components, capacity and configuration.

CONTACT: 866.606.0333 or


this is really much does it cost??

Check out their website or contact a local installer for the most accurate prices.

I'm a tech freak so whenever I see a thing like this I go wild. Do you think Solos is producing these in black and not only silver?

Looks like it's just silver for now.

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