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The Cuddle Couch

July 15, 2008 By B.A. Hoffman

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The Cuddle Couch
The Cuddle Couch
The Cuddle Couch
The Cuddle Couch
The Cuddle Couch
The Cuddle Couch tray

Set Yourself Free

The Cuddle Couch, by Elite Home Theater Seating, ain’t your father’s recliner.

“With this chair, you can curl up next to someone, stretch out,” says designer and company owner Bobby Bala. “You can really lose yourself in the movie-watching experience because you’re not restricted to a certain angle like you are in a recliner.”

Capacious and comfy at 60 inches wide and 60 inches deep, this circular cinema chair begs you to climb aboard with your significant other—and Fido or Fifi. Choose from 20 fabrics, 35 Cine-suedes, and 40 Valentino or silk leathers (a super-soft synthetic material).

While the cup holders, three back pillows, and two accessory pillows are included, the glass swivel tray ($150) and the ottoman ($495) are à la carte accessories; the tray is available with Corian, metal, plastic or wood trim.

PRICE: $3,640 (As shown)
CONTACT: 604.575.8310, Elitehts.com

The Cuddle Couch

The Cuddle Couch


All i can say is wow how perfect of a couch, I love modern furniture and this would be perfect in our living room. I just wonder if my legs would hang off it

There's a cuddle couch ottoman for that. :)

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