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Wadia 121 Decoding Computer and 151 Digital Amplifier

January 9, 2009 By Geoffrey Morrison

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Wadia 151 and 121
Wadia 151 and 121

More iPod love

Designed to go with their 10 Best winning 170iTransport, the 121 and 151 are designed to work with the 170i to create a full system (sans speakers of course).

All the info after the jump.

The 151 is a pure digital amp with four digital inputs. It is designed to mate with your 170i, decode that product’s digital signal, and then amplify it out to your speakers.

The 121 is a decoding computer, with built in upsampler. This is more or less just a DAC for your 170i, albeit a very high quality one. From here you'd go out to your current pre-amp/amp.

The design and form factor match the 170i, which would look lovely sitting atop either.

Also in the works is a black version of the 170i, which is very stylish.

No definitive pricing on these, but expect them to be a lot closer to the 170i in price than the 781i CD player.


Wadia 151 and 121


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