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Cinema de la Mer

March 31, 2009 By David Dritsas 19 comments
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Cinema De La Mer
Cinema De La Mer
Cinema De La Mer

Hollywood Meets Palm Beach

Home theaters can be pretty grand, but this one, designed by First Impressions Themed Theatres Inc. is probably one of the grandest. 

This 13-seat theater, named "Cinema de la Mer," almost seems as if it could seat more and comes complete with a lobby, which in and of itself would make most people's jaws drop before they even saw the main room.

Cinema De La Mer

The theater was built in the home a client in Palm Beach, Florida.

The client wanted a theater that represented the Hollywood movie house elegance of old, as well as the viewing experince of a grand theater.

To project the images, First Impressions used a TITAN Reference 1080p projector from Digital Projection and a 14-foot wide Stewart CineWide screen. To get the images full-screen a TheaterScope anamorphic optical system is employed, allowing the 16x9 projector to display both 1.78:1 and 2.35:1 content with no horizontal black bars (letterbox).  

To further enhance the image, First Impressions added a reflection-limiting water-white Filmport lens. These lenses are made of low-iron float glass with a multi-layer, broadband anti-reflective coating on both sides to reduce reflection and are often used in commercial cinemas.

First Impressions Themed Theatres Inc.

Stewart Filmscreen

Digital Projection

 Cinema De La Mer

 Cinema De La Mer

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