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Today: MartinLogan Unveils Stealthy Architectural Series

Martin Logan Ceiling Speaker.jpg
Today, speaker manufacturer MartinLogan announced the launch of nine new custom in-wall and in-ceiling models, featuring their Folded MotionTM transducer technology. The new Architectural series are voice-matched to MartinLogan's singular electrostatic speakers.


Research and design from the Motion® Series, the upcoming ElectroMotionTM Series and the company's ESL and Reserve ESL Series of electrostatic speakers form the backbone of the new in-wall and in-ceiling offerings. MartinLogan's new architectural speakers will also feature low-profile, paintable grilles with virtually no bezel for an invisible integration into any wall or ceiling. A magnetic system secures grilles easily into place, reducing the risk of warping or damage during installation.

"We went back to the drawing board on styling and performance," tells Carl Masters, Mechanical Designer at MartinLogan, "and designed these speakers to be as visually unobtrusive as possible while maintaining stunning sound, voice-matched to our electrostatic speakers."

Thiel’s New SCS4T Speakers About to Ship…No, Really

Thiel SCS4T_NatCherry under 800k.jpg
On September 15th of this year, U.S. loudspeaker company THIEL Audio announced the introduction of the SCS4T, a new 2-way floor-standing model to be available November 15th. That date has come and gone but we have it on the highest authority that the speakers are scheduled for arrival at Thiel dealers in January. "One thousand per cent", says Thiel. The reason this is noteworthy is that the SCS4T is a direct response to the strong consumer demand, reported by Thiel, for a Power Driver-based floor-standing loudspeaker. And we hear Thiel fans are getting restless. We wouldn't want an audio riot on our hands.


Based upon THIEL's award-winning Power Driver technology, the SCS4T features advanced engineering and elegant aesthetics:

Bowers & Wilkins’ Little Brother to Flagship Speaker

CM8 Black Gloss Beauty_3.jpg
In recognition of requests from customers and retailers alike, British speaker manufacturer, Bowers & Wilkins is now shipping their CM8, a smaller, less costly version of the flagship CM9.
"The new CM8 mid-tower fills an ideal slot in the CM lineup," says Doug Henderson, B&W's Vice-President, Sales & Marketing. "Its proportions are simply beautiful, and it addresses limited space restrictions, while its performance, so very close to the much-admired CM9, is without peer in its category."

The new model utilizes the same 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, operating in B&W's renowned Nautilus-technology tapered-tube enclosure, that is found throughout the CM line-and is known for its extended, ultra-low-coloration treble. A 5-inch version of the family's woven-Kevlar FST midrange unit is known for smooth mid/treble integration and transparency. Dual 5-inch low-frequency drivers, operating in a vented enclosure supported by B&W's proprietary FlowportTM anti-coloration technology, extends mid-bass to 43Hz (-6dB) while maintaining the dynamically quick transient detail heard from B&W's best smaller-driver designs.

B&W claims the CM8 stands on its own for 2-channel listening but can also be matched with a CM Center, CM 5's for surround and either an ASWCM10, ASWCM12 subwoofer for home theater listening. Hand rubbed black lacquer is available, as are selected-grain, craftsman-finished real-wood veneers. Frameless, close-knit black grilles complete the aesthetic. To learn more, click here:

MSRP: CM8 $2,200 pr  CMC Center $650    CM5 Surrounds  $750 ea   ASW10CM Subwoofer $1,500  

Genelec’s New 6010A Desktop Speakers

Genelec 6010A reference monitors for desktop computers
How many musicians can fit onto your desktop? From the sound of most computer speaker systems, not very many. Enter Genelec's new 6010A bi-amplified desktop speaker system and matching 5040A powered subwoofer for those deskbound people who are serious about sound. Genelec's goal - to reproduce music for computers with the same quality as their professional monitors and high-end home speakers.

Wisdom Audio Introduces Next Level Planar Magnetic Speaker Line

Wisdom Series LS4 Full Pair.jpg
Target: World's Finest Music Rooms, Home Theaters, Professional Screening Rooms, Post-Production Facilities
 Wisdom Audio has just announced their state-of-the-art modular line source loudspeaker systems, the Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3. Built for the upper echelon, reference realm, they are designed for extremely high efficiency, wide dynamic range and ultimate sound quality. States Mark Glazier, Wisdom Audio President.  "We applied the cumulative planar magnetic transducer design experience of our team to create the Wisdom Series LS4 and LS3, resulting in a totally fresh concept, the most advanced speaker we ever made and, we believe, the best performing domestic speaker system available. They completely shatter all preconceptions about speaker performance and placement."

NuVo Technologies Ships New 7” In-Wall Single Point Stereo Speaker

Nuvo Single Point Stereo Speaker.jpg
NuVo Technologies, manufacturer of distributed audio systems, has started shipping the company's new 7" Single Point In-Wall Stereo Speaker - the latest addition to the company's award-winning product line of whole home audio systems and components.
The Single Point In-Wall Stereo Speaker employs acoustic sloping and a computer-optimized three-way crossover design for a roomful of sound from a single component - delivering, as described by NuVo, "crisp, balanced audio". The speaker utilizes two 2.5" midranges, two .75" inverted-dome tweeters, and a 7" woven fiberglass woofer. Its overall size (8-7/8" H x 14-1/4" W) allows it to fit into a single stud bay for a quick and easy installation. The microperf, magnetic grille is paintable to allow users to color match walls and ceilings. 
MSRP: $349.00.
NuVo Technologies' distributed audio systems, components, control options, and accessories are available exclusively through authorized NuVo dealers and distributors. To locate a dealer / installer, click here:

Acapella of Germany’s Dramatic “High Violoncello II” Loudspeaker


Based in Germany, Acapella Audio Arts is known for designing and building some of the world's finest handcrafted, horn-based, and conventional dynamic loudspeakers. All Acapella products offer unique combinations of design, function and engineering, along with world-class sound quality.

High Violoncello II full-range loudspeaker is a newly developed speaker, featuring the sonic presence of an efficient, spherical horn, powered by a patented ion plasma high frequency driver. The woofers dynamically adapt to the high speeds of the mid-range horn unit and the ion tweeter, which Acapella claims is the fastest high-frequency transmission system in the world.

Satellite Launch, Earthy Orbit

Hammered Earth close up 4.jpg
Orb Audio, known for its large, warm, sonic quality in a small, satellite speaker format, has recently launched its new "Hammered Earth" premium speaker finish, thereby completing its concept of warm, earthy tones, inside and outside. Each spherical Mod1 satellite speaker measures only 4 3/16 inches in diameter, yet has the output of a much larger speaker due to a variety of design technologies, including rare earth magnets, custom voice coils and high performance Santoprene speaker surrounds. The orb is built out of high carbon steel.

Now Shipping - Aperion Audio’s Verus Grand Home Theater Speakers: Award-Winning Sound at a Real-life Price

Aperion cherry.jpg
Aperion Audio is a direct-to-consumer maker of award-winning speakers. They have now begun shipping their Verus Grand home theater system, which was recently debuted at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, held in Denver, CO. It's fair to say that the many hundreds of speaker manufacturers work to produce the best products at prices which are competitive in their particular niche. Aperion, however, has gone to market with the premise of offering high performance products at factory-direct prices.

MartinLogan’s Theos: Affordable Hand-Built Electrostatic Speaker

Anticipation is building around the ship date for MartinLogan's Theos electrostatic speaker, which at last account is scheduled for Q1 2011. Designed from parts with unpronounceable names from faraway places, the 9.2-inch wide by 44-inch tall transducer fulfills MartinLogan's requirement to provide a 30-degree controlled dispersion pattern for a wide musical sound stage.  Theos' crossover features audiophile grade components and construction, preserving sonic subtlety within a broad dynamic range.


But listing features, parts and materials does not tell the story. Having had ML electrostats in my audiophile system, I can state that I heard things on recordings that were not meant to be heard, like a bus outside the studio on a quiet Elvis recording and dangling earrings of a Taj Mahal background singer.  I also appreciated hearing the sound of the instruments being played, with all the squeaks and squawks, as well as the sound of the musicians relating to each other, including emotional expression of singers. Crazy, I know. For those who have not treated themselves to an electrostatic listening experience, the surprise comes when physical and sonic transparency meet. Like all MartinLogan's electrostats, the Theos' dipole transducer radiates sound with equal intensity from the front and back to produce high detail, clarity, and depth of sound. Initially the speaker will be offered in 3 hand-rubbed real-wood finishes including black ash, dark cherry, and zebrawood.

US retail price will start under $5,000 per pair. To learn more about Theos and to find a local dealer,click here:

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