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Wisdom Audio Raises the Bar with Its New STS Subwoofer



Wisdom Audio (www.wisdomaudio.com), has recently introduced its STS subwoofer, designed for very large rooms, 7-8 thousand cubic feet or larger, rivaling multiplex movie theater performance. The STS is designed for standalone or hidden applications: in a closet or ceiling (HVAC return), under a floor or adjacent to the room but not inwall. And a good thing it is, because I can already hear "You're not sticking that next to my fireplace!" 
The STS has been tested in laboratory to reach 134dB @ 20Hz. It is always a compromise between designing a subwoofer for lowest possible audible frequency vs volume. You normally can't optimize for both and produce an affordable product. The lowest note from a pipe organ is 16.4Hz. and the lowest range of human hearing is 15-16Hz. That's why the STS is a serious subwoofer. The dual 15-inch drivers feature cast aluminum alloy frames, neodymium magnet motor assemblies, and a 4-inch edge-wound copper voice coil. With an 11,000 Gauss magnetic field in the gap, the drivers are not intended to work hard, providing minimal excursion (1-inch peak-to-peak) and therefore less distortion. Each driver also boasts a peak power handling of 2.8 kW - that's kilowatts, as in 2.8 thousand watts. 
The technology behind the STS is Wisdom Audio's Regenerative Transmission LineTM rear wave recovery and reinforcement system, which touts increased deep bass output, higher efficiency, flatter power response and lower distortion than is possible with conventional sealed cabinet subwoofers. The design goal of Wisdom's ‘wise guys' (sorry, had to do it) was to provide prodigious deep bass while at the same time, perform with articulation, detail and musicality. 



Output: 130dB at 20Hz (=15 dB above the requirement for commercial theater Low Frequency Effects acoustical output)

Frequency range: - 20 Hz - 80 Hz ±2 dB, - 3dB @ 15Hz
Power handling: 5,000 watts 
Sensitivity: [email protected] 1 watt/1 meter
Cabinet dimensions: 17.75" w x 36" deep x 60" high
MSRP $10,000. 
Amplifiers not included.
For more information, visit www.wisdomaudio.com 


Triad Introduces Frameless InCeiling Speakers

InCeiling DT SealedRound.jpg
Custom loudspeaker manufacturer Triad Speakers has unveiled its first "frameless" in-ceiling speakers for distributed audio applications. The line includes three sizes labeled Mini, Bronze and Silver, plus a dual tweeter version of the Silver products. Available are 4 sealed and 4 open back versions of each product - each optimized for its specific acoustic environment. The dual tweeter (DT) versions offer multiple configuration options as dipole or bipole, or dual-channel speakers. Grilles do not use any bezels whatsoever but attach via magnets. The sealed versions meet the UL 2043 plenum rating standard - all parts penetrating the ceiling material are inherently fireproof. 

Says Triad founder Larry Pexton. "While the product is manufactured in China, it was very much designed in Portland, and we are very pleased with the cosmetic and audio quality we have achieved at real world price points." 
The SealedRound models range from $250 to $450 MSRP each; the OpenRound models range from $150 to $350 MSRP each. In-house custom paint matching is available at no up-charge. All models are slated to begin shipping to dealers in Q4 of 2010.

MartinLogan Introduces New Motion Series Models

ML Motion FX front.jpg
MartinLogan, Ltd. announced two new additions to their Motion® Series speakers, the Motion C and Motion FX. The Motion Series utilizes MartinLogan's Folded MotionTM technology for home theaters and listening environment applications. 
The new Motion C center channel features high power handling and Vojtko crossover topology. Like the Motion 8, the Motion C is a compact center channel speaker featuring black ash wood veneer that matches aesthetically to the floorstanding Motion 10 and Motion 12 speaker models. The Motion C provides a step up for an enhanced home theater experience with the same affordability, styling and performance within the current Motion Series.

Paradigm Debuts a New Addition to Architectural Subwoofer Line

Atlanta, GA - CEDIA EXPO 2010 - September 23-26, 2010
Speaker manufacturer, Paradigm Electronics Inc, adds a new in-wall subwoofer to their PCS Series, the PCS-82SQ, sporting dual 8" drivers. Each woofer has a 38mm (1-1/2") diameter voice coil, long travel suspension, high-temperature polyamide former and a large ceramic ferrite magnetic structure. Paradigm's PCS Series also consists of the PCS-80R, an in-ceiling model with a round footprint, and the PCS-80SQ, an in-wall model with a square footprint.

Power is supplied by the Ultra-Class-DTM X-300 amplifier (sold separately). With 300 watts RMS sustained, the X-300 can drive up to two PCS-82SQ subwoofers for multi-sub applications. The electronics include Paradigm's proprietary Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and EQ settings to match cavity size or the BX-80SQ optional backbox.

Estimated MSRP of $449 and is expected to be available late October.

Atlantic Technology Debuts New Technology Speaker

AtTech HPAS2.jpeg

Atlantic Technology will demonstrate a prototype bookshelf speaker design based on its new H-PAS bass technology at CEDIA Expo this weekend in Atlanta, GA. The model AT-2 has an interior acoustic volume of less than 1/2-cubic foot. The specs promise bass response down to 38Hz at -3dB. The prototype version uses a single 5-1/4" long excursion woofer and a 1 1/8" Low Resonance Tweeter (LRT). It has a crossover frequency of 2,100 Hz, which is much higher than most speakers in this size range. The prototype cabinet dimensions are 8-3/4 inches wide by 15 5/8 inches high and 12-1/4 inches deep.

H-PAS technology is the result of a collaborative effort between Atlantic Technology and Phil Clements of Clements Solus to overcome traditional speker designs baed on a fixed relationship between cabinet size and bass response. Says Atlantic Technology's president, Peter Tribeman: "The H-PAS algorithm has proven remarkably versatile as we scale it up and down to produce a wide range of systems, from high-end to desk-top speakers."

H-PAS technology is now available to consumers with the factory's mid-summer shipments of the first production AT-1 floor-standing loudspeakers. Production of the AT-2 is expected in Q4 with pricing TBA. For more information on Atlantic Technology, visit www.atlantictechnology.com.

The Poetry of Motion

August 17, 2010 By Dennis Burger 31 comments

MartinLogan’s newest loudspeakers have us questioning the old adage about getting what you pay for

The sad fact of the matter is that most readers of Home Entertainment will take one look at the prices of MartinLogan’s new Motion Series loudspeakers and never even consider auditioning them. That’s a curious thing to say, perhaps, in a publication that has reviewed and enthusiastically endorsed speaker systems with stickers comparable to a Porsche 911 Carrera 4, but without the installment plans or leasing options.

Zu Audio Essence Review

June 14, 2010 By Steve Guttenberg 104 comments
Zu Audio Essence Review

Zu Audio's Essence speaker breaks almost every high-end design rule and sounds all the better for it!

A great speaker should make you feel like you're there, with the music. That's the idea, but it almost never happens, even with some of the very best speakers money can buy.

They can sound great, but they rarely sound like the real thing.

Bang and Olufsen Beosound in the Aston Martin DB9 Review

June 7, 2010 By Geoffrey Morrison 51 comments

Hi-fi at 190

Bang & Olufsen finds space in the Aston Martin DB9 for 13 speakers and 1,000 watts.

Geoff finds happiness.

Tunebug Vibe Review

May 27, 2010 By Geoffrey Morrison 37 comments
Tunebug Vibe Review

Everything's a Speaker

The tiny Tunebug Vibe turns any flat surface into a speaker.

No, really.

And it works much better than you'd expect.

Russound Collage Review

May 21, 2010 By Dennis Burger 201 comments
Russound Collage

Russound’s Collage Powerline Media and Intercom System sets a new standard for retrofit multiroom audio systems.

If Twitter-synched pet collars and Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet aren’t enough to convince you that we’re living in the future, consider this: I just installed two zones of distributed audio at opposite ends of the house in one fairly laid back Saturday afternoon.

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