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Loiminchay Audio Chagall Loudspeaker Review

December 2, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 11 comments
Loiminchay Chagall.jpg

One from the Heart

A friend once asked me what makes a high-end speaker high-end, other than its lofty MSRP. Yes, it's a given they should sound spectacular, but a high-end speaker is more than an appliance, it's a portal of sorts.

A great speaker's presence should communicate gravitas, and I really believe they ought to be admired for their physical beauty.

Enter Loiminchay.

Magnepan MG3.6/R Review

November 11, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 119 comments
Magenpan 3.6R Review.jpg

Speakers have the toughest job in audio; reproduce the deepest bass to highest treble and unleash the widest possible dynamic range. In stereo, the best speakers should provide a full-blown holographic recreation of the original sound event. For home theater you should feel like you're there.

That's the goal, but all speakers fall short of perfection. They never truly disappear as sound sources, and to a greater or lesser degree they all wind up sounding like an assortment of tweeters, midranges and woofers mounted in a box.

Not this time. For this review we're looking at a very different type of speaker.

BG Radia Z-92 tower loudspeaker

October 23, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 16 comments
BG Radia Z-92.jpg

Speed Racers

The night before I started writing this review I was at a party at a chic gallery. You know the scene, painfully hip posers cruising the passing parade of beautiful people. The art didn't do that much for me, but the live music was tasty and incredibly enough the musicians weren't using amplifiers. They were playing really interesting beatnik jazz with a ukulele, vibes, trombone, bass and drums.

The BG Radia's Z-92 tower speakers' was then, as they say, like deja vu all over again.

Newport Audio G60MBR, G85REC, and G85.2SUB

October 20, 2008 By Brent Butterworth 107 comments
Newport Audio G60MBR Review.jpg

Masters of Metal

Plastic is often unfairly derided in today’s world. Without plastic, we wouldn’t have Barbie dolls. Or Tupperware. Or Hyundais.

But sometimes plastic’s bad rep is warranted. Most in-wall speakers are made from plastic, and that’s one reason some of them don’t sound good. Unless the plastic is impregnated with a stiffening substance, it tends to vibrate in sympathy with the speaker drivers. The result is often smeared, unnatural sound.

Of course, you couldn’t make cheap in-walls without plastic. But Newport Audio isn’t interested in cheap in-walls.

Monitor Audio W380-LCR In-wall and C380-FX In-ceiling Speakers with RSW12 Subwoofer

September 23, 2008 By Gary Altunian 23 comments
Monitor Audio C380-FX 1 Opener.jpg

Has Monitor Audio Done it Again?

Consumers are sitting in the sweet spot when it comes to choosing in-wall loudspeakers. The selection of in-walls is so broad, there is sure to be a speaker for everyone’s listening tastes and room decor.

British speaker manufacturer Monitor Audio's products are highly regarded by audiophiles and music lovers. I’ve reviewed a few of their in-room speakers and reported excellent sound quality, so has Monitor done it again with in-wall speakers?

PSB Synchrony Two B Bookshelves, Two C Center, and HD10 Subwoofer Reviewed

September 16, 2008 By Brent Butterworth 100 comments
Synchrony-TwoB and TwoC.jpg


There’s a problem with engineers: All they care about is engineering. In many industries, the best-engineered products are often among the least attractive and hardest to use.

Paul Barton, founder and chief engineer of PSB Speakers, could be considered the poster boy for meticulously engineered but visually bland products.

That has changed. Well, the latter part.

Klipsch Palladium P-39F Tower Speaker

September 2, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 37 comments
Klipsch Palladium P-39F Tower Speaker

The Audacity of Hope

In the beginning there was Klipsch. Well, if not quite the beginning it was in 1946 when Paul W. Klipsch founded the company that bears his name in Hope, Arkansas.

His very first speaker, the Klipschorn, was so good it's remained in continuous production to this day, and sales over the last few years are on the upswing!

With the Palladium Series the company ventured into a new higher-end strata.

Peachtree Audio Decco and Era Design 4 Satellite Speakers

August 13, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 155 comments
Decco Opener.jpg

The New Order

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but I'm a hold out. I never listen to music over my computer, even as I've become increasingly aware that the traditional CD and/or turntable-amplifier-speaker based hi-fi system is on its way out, and that some of the most revered audiophile manufacturers like McIntosh, Linn, and Kaleidescape are designing component-grade music servers.

So sure, my interest is piqued, but I have a fantastic high-end audio system, why would I ever want to listen to tunes over my computer?

Velodyne MicroVee subwoofer

July 28, 2008 By Brent Butterworth 30 comments
MicroVee_Main Image - 300.jpg

Little Bottom

Buying one of the new all-in-one soundbar speaker systems—or any other set of small speakers—is like buying an economy car. You convince yourself you can live with the compromises, but as time passes you realize something’s missing. With the economy car, it’s power. With the small speakers, it’s bass.

Of course, adding a subwoofer can bring big bottom end to any speaker system.

Cinepro Mighty speakers

June 25, 2008 By Brent Butterworth 16 comments
cinepro 300.JPG

Muscle Speakers

I’ve been to hundreds of audio showrooms, but never one like this. Here, the hottest audio system seems like an impulse purchase compared with the other merchandise. That’s because everything I’m describing as “other merchandise” has four wheels, a ferocious engine, and a very sexy paint job.

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