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Definitive Technology Mythos ST SuperTower loudspeakers

June 19, 2008 By Scott Wasser 49 comments

Sounding Spectacular

Mel Tormé. Mel Friggin’ Tormé! Are you kidding me? Sitting in my den, I’m not only listening to a guy that’s too square for even my septuagenarian parents, I’m mesmerized by him. “The Velvet Fog” is crooning, and I’m swooning. I have no idea what he’s singing, but the tune is tolerable enough. The thing is, it’s not the song that ensnares me, it’s the presence, vibrancy, and vitality of the music. Mel Friggin’ Tormé is actually in my den, putting on a command performance.

Yamaha YSP-3000 Digital Sound Projector

YSP-3000 - 300.jpg

For me, nothing beats lying in bed watching movies on a big screen. I pay for this luxury by not having surround speakers because my wife doesn’t want the bedroom cluttered with extra gear. I’ve tried using those soundbars that claim to create multichannel sound from a single unit, but they don’t fool my ear. Yamaha’s YSP-3000 shares the single-unit approach of a soundbar, but the surround sound it produces is real.

Sonance Architectural Series Z8 in-wall speakers

May 2, 2008 By Gary Altunian 60 comments

In-wall speakers appeal to homeowners because they want to hear, not see, their speakers. While the average performance of in-wall speakers has increased dramatically in the last decade, the look of them has barely changed at all since the 1980s. In most cases, they appear as a ¾-inch wide bezel surrounding a perforated metal grille. Increasingly, though, interior designers are starting to consider the look of a standard in-wall speaker to be déclassé, even if it’s painted to match the wall treatment.

Cutting the Cords

April 22, 2008 By Scott Wasser 14 comments

Sound shmound. Faced with reviewing KEF Audio’s KHT5005.2 surround sound speaker system, I was prepared to compromise my audio expectations. This 5.1 speaker system would have to sound pretty awful to fail my evaluation, because KEF included the Wireless 5000 option with the speakers it sent me. That meant I could set up the surround speakers without running any audio wires.

Full Metal Jacket

April 18, 2008 By Brent Butterworth 45 comments

The general public seems to think that all audio/video gear is cranked out in huge factories with automated machinery, and that theirs are the first human hands that have ever touched the products they buy. They're mostly right-but there are exceptions. The cabinets for the speakers I'm reviewing this month were built not in a huge factory, but in a shop in Napa, California, that has more in common with Orange County Choppers than it does with a Chinese production line.

Sound, Evolved

March 13, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 13 comments

Gallo Acoustics’ Nucleus Reference 5 LS is a powerhouse in a pretty package.

Music, Metropolis-Style

March 7, 2008 By Wayne Garcia 39 comments

Why do MBL speakers look like something out of a classic sci-fi movie?

Laws of Motion

January 1, 2008 By Dennis Burger 13 comments

Crowson Technology's Tactile Motion System can shake your chair, but is it enough to move a skeptical reviewer?

The Natural

January 1, 2008 By Steve Guttenberg 45 comments

Verity Audio's Lohengrin II speaker lacks the stature of its competitors—but we think that's a good thing.

Concealed Concerto

December 1, 2007 By Gary Altunian 18 comments

Smart design and decades of research make PSB’s CW600E and CSW10 some of the world's best in-wall speakers.

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