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Elgato: EyeTV HD DVR

Eye TV 2.jpg
Full-featured DVR Captures TV & Delivers it Live to Macs in Full HD, While EyeTV 3.4 Software Enables Streaming of Live & Recorded TV on iPad

From our "good-things-in-small-packages" department: The Elgato Eye TV HD DVR provides full access to premium cable and satellite TV on a Mac. You can watch, record and edit in HD, including premium channels. For you stimulation junkies, a dual capture mode records in iPad and iPhone formats at the same time. The Eye TV records in H.264 for clear HD and a smaller file size, in case you're counting. You can also capture and archive analog sources, like VCR recordings (remember those?). Eye TV's 3.4 software also enables streaming of live and recorded TV on your iPad. And the Eye TV is Blu-ray compatible.

 Available at: Apple stores and online at www.elgato.com

MSRP: $199.99

Tributaries® New HDMI Cables Perform Over Long Distance

As a consumer, you might not be aware of the critical role cables play in your system, especially when sending HD signal over significant distance. Consider your cables as the final components, responsible for preserving pristine signal quality. In that light, it's big news that Tributaries® has unveiled its new line of cables - HEC HDMI with Ethernet The new models conform to the performance requirements consistent with all the new HDMI v1.4 upgrades. Additional improvements on the connectors and the cables provide easier installation and improved signal transfer over long distances. The new HEC cable has one extra conductor in the number 14-pin position, previously unused on the HDMI connector for the dedicated Ethernet Channel.

If You Had Watched the Superbowl on a Pantel Outdoor TV, You Could Have Frozen Like a Die-Hard Football Fan.

Pantel tailgating.jpg
Outdoor TVs used to be strictly for warm weather. But hey, if you would brave the ice and snow and sit for hours in a stadium, why not do the same thing but stay home? It's never a bad time of year for outdoor entertainment. Depending upon where you live, just bundle up (or not), grab a thermos of hot (or cold) beverage of choice, sit down and flip on the Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof TV.

Pantel TV models range from 20" , 32", 42" , 52" and 65". All models provide 1080p high resolution images and more than double the brightness of a standard indoor TV. And they can operate from - 40 degrees Farenheit up to 140 degrees Farenheit.

How are Pantel TVs built to withstand such punishment? Count on a rust-resistant, powder coated aluminum chassis and anti-reflective tempered glass. The internal design includes sophisticated filters to allow for the TV's heat dissipation while keeping the insides dirt and bug free.


MRSP ranges from $2,999 to $25,999

3D Without Glasses

3D No Glasses.jpeg

We won't even begin to describe this innovative technology. You'll just have to see it for yourself. Click here:

Panasonic’s Newest Digital Camera Round Up

Panasonic TS3a_slant resize.jpg

Just Unveiled, Four New Advanced Digital Cameras from Panasonic

Frankly, the press release is so chock full of information and features that we had to revert to bullet points instead of full sentences, otherwise you'd just ignore the whole thing. It's worth the plod.

Lumix DMC-TS3 12.1 Megapixel Camera, for the Outdoor Shutterbug:
• Waterproof (40 ft.), Shockproof (6.6 ft.), Freezeproof (14 degrees F), Dustproof
• GPS covers 203 countries & 1,000,000 landmark recognition, compass, altimeter, barometer
• 1,920 x 1,080 HD Video recording
• 3Di Photo mode for HDTV & easy Facebook & YouTube uploads
• 28mm Leica wide-angle lens with 6X zoom, shutter release .005 second
• Built-in LED Light with 2.7" LCD screen
• Powerful Image Stabilization and Blur Suppress
• Face Recognition & Detection
• Available in red, orange, silver, and blue.

Sherwood Unveils Two New High-Performance Components

Sherwood Logo.jpeg
At the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sherwood announced the introduction of two new high-performance audio/video components, branded with the Sherwood Newcastle designation: model R-876 network A/V receiver and BDP-876 Internet-enabled Blu-ray Player.


Sherwood Newcastle R-876 Audio/Video Receiver

The R-876 features Trinnov Optimizer Room Correction system, which performs a unique 3Di spatial correction by recreating the original soundfield heard by the sound mix engineer and remapping sound images to their proper location, both horizontally and vertically, even when speakers are not ideally placed in the listener's room.

Sherwood's first Control 4 certified A/V receiver, the R-876 can directly integrate into Control 4 home control systems. 3D ready, the receiver features two HDTV displays can be used simultaneously and can connect wirelessly to home networks. Internet Audio streaming is available through the Pandora, Rhapsody and Aupeo interactive music services, in addition to Internet Radio from Reciva and ShoutCAST. The receiver also supports Windows 7 'Plays To.' The R-876 provides seven channels of discrete amplification, rated at 125 watts per channel with no more than 0.05% THD with all channels driven. 192KHz/24 bit Digital to Analog converters ensure audio purity, and lossless audio playback of DTS HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD is on board. Additional decoding includes DTS 96/24, DTS ES and Neo6, along with Dolby Digital and Dolby ProLogic IIz. WMA and MP3 audio playback is also provided, and for non-surround sources, eight synthesized DSP surround modes can be selected. A 1080p bypass is available for purists.Three zones of playback are available to accommodate remote listening, with all audio and video sources available in all zones. The R-876 is also iPod and Sirius-Ready.


Panasonic’s New 3D Videoconferencing – Coming Soon To Your Block?

Pan 3D VidConf.jpg
Panasonic, has just introduced immersive 3Di capability in its Commercial Division's HD Visual Communications System (HDVC).  The 3D HDVC solution, designed to enhance the productivity and collaboration of key commercial and professional applications such as healthcare, manufacturing and education. 3D Videoconferencing was displayed this last weekend at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Although this advancement specifically targets commercial applications, if Cisco's new Umi home videoconferencing system is any indication, we're going to hazard a guess that 3D videoconferencing will eventually find its way to family rooms around the country.  In the past, we've seen that the commercial tools of today can quickly become the residential toys of tomorrow.

Wireless Beaming of Laptop Media to TV in HD

Warpia Stream HD 2.jpg
Warpia has unveiled the newest contribution to their line of wireless connectivity solutions, the StreamHD. StreamHD allows users to view any media from a laptop onto a flat screen TV in true 1080P (1920 x 1280) resolution. Content such as streaming video, pictures, movies, presentations, Facebook, Hulu, Joost, Netflix and other applications can be shown on your HDTV without the hassle and clutter of wires.

Sensio Expands 3D Content Viewing

SensioCorpo_B resize2.jpg
Press releases today from Sensio Technologies, Inc. report three major announcements regarding 3Di. These advancements will be launched at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, beginning this coming Thursday, January 6, 2011.


Press Release 1:

With the current dearth of 3D content, SENSIO has negotiated the rights to an extensive and varied library including independent movies, documentaries, and blockbusters, which it will encode in the SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D format, to be distributed through the video-on-demand (VOD) platform of RoxioNowTM, a major player in OTT services. Manufacturers of Internet-connected devices incorporating the SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D decoder will be able to offer viewers access to this expanding library of 3D content.

Kaleidescape Introduces Blu-ray Movie Server

Kaleidescape Modular Disc Valut 2.jpg
Kaleidescape, Inc., major manufacturer of music and movie servers, has recently announced shipment of their first Blu-ray movie server. Any Kaleidescape System can be upgraded to be a Blu-ray movie server with the addition of an M-Class player and a Modular Disc Vault. The new Kaleidescape Modular Disc Vault completes the Kaleidescape Blu-ray movie server. Paired with a Kaleidescape M-Class player, the Disc Vault imports, houses, and organizes Blu-ray Discs. With a capacity of 100 discs per each, any number of Modular Disc Vaults may be added to a system, but each must be connected to its own M-Class player.

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