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RTI’s Virtual Panel Control Interface

RTiPanel_iPad_Music Server resize.jpg

Virtual Panel Provides Complete Local or Remote Access to RTI Systems From Any PC

The Virtual Panel from Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) allows users, either locally or remotely, to control and monitor a system based on an RTI XP series processor from any PC running Microsoft® Windows®. Providing secure local or remote access to an RTI system from any Internet connection, the Virtual Panel allows for LAN control and WAN control off-site. Fully configurable using the latest version of RTI's Integration Designer® software, the Virtual Panel control interface can be customized to accommodate any size laptop or monitor display and provides full two-way feedback from any RTI XP series control processor.

"There is a strong demand by consumers to have access to the electronic elements of their environment on other interfaces, such as desktops, laptops, and tablet devices," said Pete Baker, vice president of sales and marketing for RTI. "Our Virtual Panel meets this need and empowers users with the convenience of off-site control. Whether at work, on vacation, or anywhere in between, users can adjust thermostats, monitor security systems, turn off lights, and control much more, from any Internet-connected PC."

The Virtual Panel application can be exported as an executable file for use on other PCs. RTI's XP series processors will each include the ability to operate one LAN-based Virtual Panel per system at no cost. Additional WAN/LAN licenses are available at a nominal price of $149 per license.


RTI will also be bringing the power of its control solutions to the iPhone®, iPod touch®, and iPad® with the new RTiPanel app, which will be available at the beginning of 2011. With the app installed on any of these popular Apple® products, users will have complete control of their RTI systems from anywhere in the world when used with an RTI XP series control processor.

To learn more, click here:    

Time to Take An App

Stem 1.jpg
Stem Innovation would like to introduce you to TimeCommand, an App-enhanced alarm sound dock for iPad, iPhone, and iPod that puts a new twist on the whole sleeping /waking thing.  TimeCommand gives users the ability to...
- Control and dim your bedside lamp right from the alarm controls.  You can even wake by light if you have trouble getting out of bed
- Customize multiple alarms set to various sounds or your favorite songs
- View the local weather upon waking up
- Connect your mobile device with the pivoting dock connector
- Control your tunes with an integrated 10-band graphic equalizer


Powerline Control Systems Introduces Mi LightStyle Lighting and Home Automation Solution

Lighting control manufacturer offers new easy to install, use and manage home automation solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world on virtually any platform


Powerline Control Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of PulseWorx lighting control for residential and light commercial applications, has introduced Mi Lightstyle, an independent, cost-effective hardware/software package that allows lighting system control by the most popular Internet-connected smart-phones, tablets and computers.
Said Scott Klodowski, director of sales and marketing for PCS. "Unlike most home automation solutions, which take a significant amount of time, resources and programming to install, The Mi LightStyle unit and ‘app' offer the easy-to-use interface consumers want with connectivity from popular devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android, and more-and it's designed to quickly integrate with our PulseWorx lighting control systems. With simple plug-and-play installation, consumers can have an affordable lighting and home automation solution - one that will allow the user to control, or simply monitor their system from anywhere in the world."

Crestron Ships New, Affordable Integration Control Systems, Multi-Purpose Keypads

PMC3 + PTX3.png

More Control System Power, Speed and Memory at Lower Price Point


Crestron announced that its new generation PMC3 and PMC3-XP Prodigy® control systems are now shipping. The PMC3 control systems provide an IT-based backbone for simplified, affordable whole house control and automation. Improvements include faster processing speeds, long-range wireless support and more memory for greater expandability, and increased design flexibility. This is newsworthy because Crestron has long been known to provide powerful but expensive control systems, requiring miles of wire and cable for installations to pull.
"PMC3 and PMC3-XP are much more than just new control systems, they're the future of affordable integrated home automation, with the power and flexibility to control the whole home locally and remotely," says Fred Bargetzi, Crestron Vice President of Technology. "The XP model also offers a seamless upgrade path to the full Crestron line, giving homeowners the flexibility to start simple then expand to the unlimited possibilities of Crestron home control on their own terms, when they're ready."

DAR.fm: Cloud-Based DVR for Radio

The New York Times is reporting the launch of a new cloud-based audio service that will allow users to remotely record shows from 600 terrestrial radio stations and access these recordings from anywhere. Dar.fm is a service that can be used to record radio shows, store them in the cloud and listen to them on PCs, Android and iOS handhelds, Roku boxes and a variety of other connected devices.  Dar.fm went through a private alpha test with a few select users during the last couple of months, and the site is now live.


Mobi’s AV Monitor Brings Families Together


Security and Peace of Mind for Families Who are Distant from Loved Ones, Near or Far

When combined, two of Mobi Technologies' products, work in tandem to provide families with safety, security and instant contact. The MobiCam ® AV is a compact, 2-piece wireless audio/video camera and monitoring system. Both the camera and the monitor are handheld devices and can be moved to locations within the home such as bedroom, family room, kitchen or outdoor area. With a transmission range of up to 300 ft., automatic see-in-the-dark night vision, and the ability to connect to your TV or other audio-video device, MobiCam®AV provides safety, security and peace of mind by discreet monitoring of your family's loved ones - teens in the pool area, infants, toddlers and senior parents in need of care. Features include:

- The ability to scan between dual video sources
- Monitoring via your TV or computer as well as the MobiCam®AV monitor
- Automatic night vision sees in total darkness

The second offering is the MobiCam® Internet Kit, which allows you to keep a powerful eye on things. The Internet Kit sets up easily in minutes, allowing picture and sound from your MobiCam®AV or most any video monitoring set-up, to be monitored live via Internet browser on a PC or cell phone. Says Bart Greenberg, Mobi Technologies Vice President of Sales: "Mobi's product / webservice combo offers parents and caregivers the capabilities of much more expensive and complex surveillance systems to keep an eye on loved ones and property...anytime...from anywhere...for greater peace of mind." Features include:

- Scheduled or motion-triggered recording to your PC
- Set-up, which creates your own secure access website
- Stream live video & sound from up to 4 cameras
- Motion detection with email or text message alert 
- Up to 3 simultaneous viewers via PC or cell phone
- Adjustable picture quality and size
- Store weeks of recordings for retrieval & playback 
- Eliminates need to configure network & firewalls
MobiCam® AV - $149.99
MobiCam® Internet Kit $59.95


Available online at http://www.getmobi.com/

Two New Android Tablets By E FUN

E FUN_Nextbook_2.jpg
Consumer electronics designer and marketer E FUN, has announced the addition of two capacitive touch-screen models to its Nextbook Android tablets--the Next4 - 10.1" and Next6 - 7".

The 10.1" Next4 (Android 2.2) and 7" Next6 (Android 2.1) tablets both feature built-in Wi-Fi and the Borders eBook Store. According to the manufacturer, the graphic user interface (GUI - I just love to say that word) makes it easy for users to get up and running fast.  Users can browse the Internet, respond to emails, watch YouTube videos, listen to streaming internet music and download zillions of Android applications Both models include 2GB of memory, a SD card slot, 25 pre-loaded books, a MP3/photo viewer, built-in speakers and G-sensor.

Availability in Q2, 2011.


To learn more about Nextbook, click here: As of this writing, the two new models are not on the Nextbook web site.


$349.99 for the Next4 
$269.99 for the Next6.


Crestron’s New Intermedia System Delivers Double the Content at Half the Price

Crestron ADMS.jpeg
Crestron, a leader in home control has introduced its new ADMS Intermedia Delivery System, which provides more new Internet TV content from your favorite sites including ESPN, CNN, ABC News, NFL, NBA, Fox News and MSN. This is in addition to the existing natively-hosted ADMS media, including Netflix®, HuluTM, Metacafe®, iTunes®, VimeoTM, YouTubeTM, Comedy Central and many other online sources. Did we mention the previously built-in Blu-ray player has been removed and the price slashed in half?

SAVANT™ Introduces 16-channel Multi-Room Class D Amplifier

Savant Amp_front.jpg
Savant Systems LLC, having delivered the first Apple®-based home automation and control system, has announced the introduction of a 16-channel class D amplifier for distributed audio applications. AMP-1640 is in direct response to market demand for a multi-room audio amplifier that leverages Savant's industrial design, delivering the same look and feel as Savant's other rack mountable devices. AMP-1640 can be placed either on a shelf or within an equipment rack. 

Lutron Unveils New Apple® iPad™ App For Its RadioRA® 2 Total Light Control System

Lutron RadioRA 2 iPad 2 resize.jpg
Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics has just announced the availability of an Apple iPad app for its wireless RadioRA 2 total light control system. The app is designed to control lights, shades, temperature and appliances, adding convenience and the benefits of saving energy throughout the home.


The app allows homeowners to:
• monitor and control their system while away from home (ideal for vacation properties)
• enact a temporary, energy-saving "green" mode that reduces light levels and turns off unneeded appliances
• personalize programming with a real-time level editor
• control multiple homes from one iPad


The application is available now on iTunes® for $19.99.

Introduced in 2009, the wireless RadioRA 2 total light control system is scalable to 200 devices, programs quickly using a PC application, integrates with popular home automation systems, including Lutron shade and drapery systems, and includes energy-saving features. The system utilizes Lutron's patented Clear Connect wireless technology.

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