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Tributaries® New HDMI Cables Perform Over Long Distance

As a consumer, you might not be aware of the critical role cables play in your system, especially when sending HD signal over significant distance. Consider your cables as the final components, responsible for preserving pristine signal quality. In that light, it's big news that Tributaries® has unveiled its new line of cables - HEC HDMI with Ethernet The new models conform to the performance requirements consistent with all the new HDMI v1.4 upgrades. Additional improvements on the connectors and the cables provide easier installation and improved signal transfer over long distances. The new HEC cable has one extra conductor in the number 14-pin position, previously unused on the HDMI connector for the dedicated Ethernet Channel.

Optoma’s New PT100 Projector Aims at Big Image, Low Cost

Within the typical price range of $15,000 - $85,000, it's no wonder that video projectors have been reserved for large home theaters or conference rooms. If you've been reading Home Entertainment recently, however, you will have caught on to a new category: low cost, small format video projectors. Why is this? LED technology has progressed to provide sufficient brightness without the huge expense. Manufacturers have identified new applications which mobile, small format projectors can address.

OPPO Digital Chooses ESS’s Reference Audio DAC For Its Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Player

ESS Technology, Inc., a high performance audio/video provider, has announced that its Sabre32 Reference 8-channel Audio DAC (ES9018) is now incorporated within OPPO Digital's latest flagship BDP-95 Audiophile 3Di Blu-Ray Disc Player. The model was demonstrated this last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


ESS Technology claims its critically acclaimed Sabre32 Reference DAC is the world's highest performance 32-bit audio DAC - incorporating innovative, patented circuits to deliver music with expanded sound stage, with up to 135dB dynamic range and 0.0001% (-120dB) total harmonic distortion. The patented circuits include the 32-bit HyperStreamTM modulator, capable of 100% modulation and stability, the RevolverTM Dynamic Element Matching, which ensures the high performance over an extremely wide audio dynamic range and a Time Domain Jitter Eliminator.

Sensio Expands 3D Content Viewing

SensioCorpo_B resize2.jpg
Press releases today from Sensio Technologies, Inc. report three major announcements regarding 3Di. These advancements will be launched at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, beginning this coming Thursday, January 6, 2011.


Press Release 1:

With the current dearth of 3D content, SENSIO has negotiated the rights to an extensive and varied library including independent movies, documentaries, and blockbusters, which it will encode in the SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D format, to be distributed through the video-on-demand (VOD) platform of RoxioNowTM, a major player in OTT services. Manufacturers of Internet-connected devices incorporating the SENSIO® Hi-Fi 3D decoder will be able to offer viewers access to this expanding library of 3D content.

Believe It or Not, You Might Already Own a Mitsubishi 3D-Capable TV

Mitsubish 3D.png
According to Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, more than a half million consumers might not know that their TVs are 3Di-capable. That's because the company has been selling 3D-capable TVs since 2007, well before games, movies, and sports programming were available in 3D and the focus on 3D was in earnest.

These existing Mitsubishi TV owners, could be enjoying a fully immersive 3D experience with the simple addition of a Mitsubishi 3D Starter Pack and 3D Source device. An eight-week outreach program and sweepstakes contest was recently concluded to inform the population of Mitsubishi TV owners via Facebook. Says Max Wasinger, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America. "Ironically, many current Mitsubishi TV owners may have forgotten or never realized that the TVs they purchased within the past three years are 3D-capable."

To discover whether your Mitsubishi TV is 3D-capable, click here


MSRP: Starter Pack $449

Google TV Faces Delay Amid Poor Reviews

A New York Times article today reports Google has asked TV makers Sony, Sharp, LG, Toshiba and others to delay their Google TV-enabled new TV product releases. The article sources people familiar with the company's plans, claiming Google needs to refine the software, which has received a lukewarm reception. Industry analysts also say Google's sudden change of plans indicates it is struggling with the technical challenges that have kept Web TV from becoming mainstream. According to industry analyst James L. McQuivey, because of the delay, it might take another year before Google TV has a chance to catch fire.

Special Event: Cash for TV Clunkers in Southern California - December 17th & 18th

Recycle TV Clunker Graphic.jpeg
Diamond Case Designs, Inc. Offers Cash Trade-In for Clunker TVs When Purchasing New Eligible Engergystar TVs at the 2nd Annual TV Recycling Event


Following the success of last years popular Cash for Clunker TV program, home theater retailer Diamond Case Designs, Inc. of Anaheim, CA., has organized another e-waste recycling event just in time for the holidays. This environmentally friendly program provides cash discounts toward the purchase of new eligible model Energystar TVs.

As flat panel TVs come down in price, Diamond Case has seen an increase in the number of customers replacing in their old analog TVs for new digital TVs. Rather than discarding the old TVs, which contain hazardous materials such as lead and phosphorus, into local landfills, Diamond Case has partnered with All Green Electronics Recycling to recycle and re-purpose the old TVs.  All Green guarantees that all items to be recycled will be done in accordance with their ZERO landfill policy. According to Arman Sadeghi, CEO of All Green, "All types of e-waste (electronic waste), including cell phones, laptops, computer monitors, and televisions can be recycled responsibly so their hazardous products do not end up in landfills. 

Get Your TV Off the Ground!

November 1, 2007 By Marshal M. Rosenthal 13 comments

Everything you need to know about flat-panel TV mounts.

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