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Green Home Theater

September 2, 2009 By Adrienne Maxwell 20 comments
Green Home Theater

Guilt-Free HT: Solar panels help get your theater off the grid.

All across the consumer electronics industry, manufacturers are looking for ways to make their products more energy-efficient. Power reduction is a great goal, but let’s talk about power generation.

If you could create enough clean energy to power all of your A/V components, then you could spend less time fretting over individual watts and more time enjoying the fruits of your theater’s labor.

Inspired Living Custom Installation

August 21, 2009 By “De” Schofield 30 comments
Inspired Living Custom Installation

The homeowners of this 6,000-sq ft Pacific Northwest home collaborate with a design team to create an inviting, low-key technologically advanced environment that takes its cues from the great outdoors.

Sited at 1,200 feet on a sprawling hilltop property with direct views of Mount Hood, this majestic Craftsman-style home can easily be mistaken for a romantic vacation retreat in some rural forested area. Residing in the metro Portland area, the home serves as the primary residence for an active family of five.

Beautiful Persuasion Home Theater

July 24, 2009 By Brooke Lange 26 comments
MARKIN 02.jpg

In a battle of the sexes, a wife convinced her husband that building a home theater will light up their lives.

Take an on-the-street survey in terms of which sex will do anything to own a breathtaking home theater.

It’s always the man, right? He’s the one who craves “the cave,” pimped out with stellar A/V gear. Convincing the woman to sign on is the tricky part, right?


Sound Advice Custom Home Installation

July 10, 2009 By Louse Farr 34 comments
Sound Advice Custom Home Installation

When an architecturally significant 1950s house in Santa Barbara is revamped, audio triumphs over video.

On the outside, this steel-and-glass 1950s home, designed by architect Thornton Ladd, oozes the mid-century modern look its architect is so known for.

The 21st century technology inside, however, creates the perfect juxtaposition.

Country-style Modernism Custom Installation

June 19, 2009 By Jean Penn 44 comments
Country-style Modernism Custom Installation

In the 20 years this home took to design and build, the architecture and technology become more modern.

In 1987, the owner purchased 42 acres to grow citrus in an agricultural community north of Los Angeles. Postmodern architecture was all the rage, so the owner hired Zoltan E. Pali to design a Georgianstyle residence.

The young architect, a disciple of the Case Study modernists, was just starting out on his own.

In the 20 years between the original drawings and full completion, both men, and the home, evolved in a variety of ways.

Exteme Makeover—Inside Edition Custom Installation

Exteme Makeover—Inside Edition

A complete interior update of an Old-World estate satisfies the owners’ request for fresh, cutting-edge design and a choice of entertainment venues.

What is a sleek, contemporary interior design doing within a 1920s English manor home?

According to its owners, it’s doing very well, thank you. While the exterior of this home presents a stately and elegant first impression, the interiors have transformed this venerable estate home into the ultimate modern residence with 21st-century cool decor that’s fully compatible with the family’s active lifestyle.

Stylishly Simple

May 22, 2009 By Ben Kelly 15 comments
Stylishly Simple

Skipping the flash, this theater goes for clean looks and high performance.

When this Florida homeowner was looking to convert his TV room into a full-on home cinema, he turned to Advanced Audio Design in Sarasota.

The result is both elegant and stylishly simple.

Regal in Red Home Theater

May 1, 2009 By Brooke Lange 34 comments
Regal in Red Home Theater

A second-story addition that takes more than two years to complete includes a library, a home office, a bar/lounge and a kids’ play area—all which revolve around this grand home theater.

When you embark on an extensive second-story addition, everything can go wrong. And will. This story, however, is about how everything went right, thanks to masterful work conducted by First Impressions Theme Theatres.

On the Waterfront Custom Home Installation

April 17, 2009 By Louise Farr 19 comments
On the Waterfront Custom Home Installation

A Miami businessman wants it all — minus the ostentation.

When the owner of a waterfront estate in Miami embarked on a three-year-plus building project that grew into a 12,000-square foot dream house, it was not with any desire to show off.

And though he wanted to furnish his new home with fine antiques, he didn’t want to live in a museum—or, for that matter, in an environment that made guests feel they had to pad around carefully in their socks.

Silver Screen Home Theater

April 3, 2009 By Brooke Lange 22 comments
Silver Screen Home Theater.jpg

A homeowner plans to renovate his Cape Cod-style home without adding a theater until his interior designer convinces him otherwise.

When building a home theater, the interior designer is usually considered the enemy. Often having a complete disregard for acoustical needs and the proper positioning of screen and sound.

Frilly flourishes here, fancy accents there—and don’t even think about visible speakers.

This private screening room, however, would not exist without the coaxing and cajoling of—surprise—the interior designer.

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