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Cinema de la Mer

March 31, 2009 By David Dritsas 20 comments
Cinema De La Mer.jpg

Hollywood Meets Palm Beach

Home theaters can be pretty grand, but this one, designed by First Impressions Themed Theatres Inc. is probably one of the grandest. 

This 13-seat theater, named "Cinema de la Mer," almost seems as if it could seat more and comes complete with a lobby, which in and of itself would make most people's jaws drop before they even saw the main room.

Urban Cowgirl

March 19, 2009 By “De” Schofield 137 comments
Urban Cowgirl.jpg

Home theater impresario Jeffrey Smith collaborates with his artistic daughter in creating a romantic, rustic “sky lodge” theme for her downtown Denver loft.

Growing up in the bluegrass countryside of Kentucky, Ashley Harper Smith became obsessed with nature. “I was never happier than when I was in the woods, horseback riding with my sister,” she recalls.

With her busy schedule, she yearns for those idyllic days. “I’ve always had this dream of living in a tree house surrounded by woods and nature and horses,” she says.

With the help of her father, Ashley is living her dream.

Bold and Beautiful - CEDIA Award Winner

March 4, 2009 By Brooke Lange 18 comments
Bold and Beautiful.jpg

2008 Cedia Electronic Lifestyles Award Winner

Large Home Theater: Level V Silver Technical Design & Best Overall Winner

Electronic Systems Consultant: Pacific Audio & Communications—Kihei, Hawaii

The inherent risk in designing a home theater—a beautiful-looking space that produces the requisite oooohs and aaaahs—is ending up with a poorly performing room. Add the musthave of incorporating the same architectural detailing used throughout the rest of the home and the risk expands tenfold.

With Purpose - CEDIA Award Winner

February 20, 2009 By Brooke Lange 14 comments
With Purpose Home Installation.jpg

2008 Cedia Electronic Lifestyles Award Winner

Integrated home: Level V Silver Technical Design & Best Overall Winner

Electronic Systems Consultant: Baumeister Electronic Architects—Niles, Ill.

The architect of this home likes to use the word “purposeful” when describing the motivation behind its design. “It’s very purposeful with specific places for art,” says Mark Webber of Wheeler Kearns Architects. “There’s balance between the house, art and architecture.”

The More TVs, The Merrier - CEDIA Award Winner

February 13, 2009 By Brooke Lange 30 comments
The More TVs.jpg

2008 Cedia Electronic Lifestyles Award Winner

Media Room: Silver Technical Design & Best Overall Winner

Electronic Systems Consultant: All Around Technology—Rockville, Md.

This neoclassical space—a basement-level room in a historical home in Georgetown, Va.—is prim and proper. The mood is reserved and regal. Dignified. But press a single button on the 8-inch wireless Crestron touchscreen...

Irish Castle - CEDIA Award Winner

January 30, 2009 By Brooke Lange 26 comments
Irish Castle Home Installation.jpg

2008 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Award Winner

Hidden Installation: Silver Technical Design & Best Overall Winner

Electronic Systems Consultant: Amnet Technology Systems—Stamford, Conn.

Say your wife is pushing you to renovate a little-used room into a beautiful retreat that you can enjoy every day. And you’re a former Fordham University football player. And you love the architectural detailing of New Haven’s famed Temple Bar. The answer is simple: Just build a tavern-like space with lots of TVs, right? Not quite...

Comfort Zone

December 25, 2008 By Hope Winsborough 41 comments
Comfort Zone Custom Installation.jpg

A former pro athlete creates the perfect field for his growing family’s dreams.

In the world of baseball, shortstop is considered one of the most difficult and demanding infield positions—requiring equal measures of agility, range and strength.

So it comes as no surprise that former Red Sox shortstop Royce Clayton would apply similar skills to any post-sports endeavors.

When Royce began making plans to build his dream home in Arizona’s scenic Paradise Valley, he did just that.

Balancing Act Home Theater

December 12, 2008 By Hope Winsborough 71 comments
Balancing Act Home Theater

Creative collaboration produces a home theater that’s truly life-enhancing.

Can home-theater technology help alleviate the chaos of modern life?

It’s not the typical path-to-enlightenment story, to be sure. But it’s one that rings true to Stephen and Kelli Brown of Austin, Texas.

Bespoke Beauty Home Cinema

December 5, 2008 By Brooke Lange 39 comments
Bespoke Beauty Home Cinema

A custom installer brings new meaning to the concept of custom installation.

Custom installer Michael K. Leader of Leader D-Cinema Systems Inc. in Beverly Hills likes to apply haute couture-level craftsmanship to his custom-designed-and-fabricated audiovisual systems. “I like to apply bespoke tailoring to my work,” says the man who won an audio Emmy for his work on the XXIV Olympics for NBC.

Leader’s appreciation for the most minute details of a handmade suit, for example, is directly reflected in every A/V system he designs and builds.

Miami Light

November 24, 2008 By Valery Rockwell 46 comments
Miami Light

How an interior designer and a custom installer made a major audiovisual installation look easy.

Dean Martin spins and shoots the bad guy out of the saloon’s rafters. Everyone seated in the living room applauds. Thanks to Martin, life is looking up for John Wayne, the beleaguered sheriff in Rio Bravo.

Actually, you’re a far cry from Rio anything. You’re nestled into a luxury condo in the Four Seasons overlooking Miami and the harbor.

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