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Hidden Beauty

September 12, 2008 By Brooke Lange 84 comments
Hidden Opener.jpg

In this award-winning home, what’s new is meant to look old. Translation: This house was designed to resemble a finely restored Georgian home. And that means every ounce of technology is hidden and out of the way.

Call of the Wild

August 18, 2008 By “De” Schofield 77 comments
MORAN-1 opener2.jpg

Theater design luminary Jeff Smith collaborates with a style-savvy client in creating a glamorous home theater for a South Florida vacation home.

“Build a theater around this,” the wife said to First Impressions Theme Theaters’ founder and theater designer Jeff Smith, as she handed him a sample of animal-print carpeting.

“There was something about it that spoke to me,” she says. “I felt the tiger print motif would impart a sense of drama and elegance.”

Mountain Masterpiece

July 25, 2008 By Brooke Lange 113 comments
1F4K4504b - 300b.jpg

A capacious mountain getaway, designed for family and business retreats, is sprinkled with technological treats that are easy to use.

There’s a certain ruggedness—a rough-and-tumble way of life—in Colorado that’s as irresistible to the locals who run the ski mountains as it is to the well-heeled who build vacation homes from the ground up.

Light and Simple

July 1, 2008 By B.A. Hoffman 37 comments
living room1 - 300.jpg

A Westchester County home with minimalist design touts the benefits of minimalist-looking technology.

This is a “less is more” story. A tale about a Westchester County home that is minimalist in décor—and minimalist in the amount of visible technology it showcases. But regardless of how minimalist everything looks at first blush, this house is robust in the kinds of technology it embraces—up front and behind the scenes.

Date-Night Getaway

June 9, 2008 By B.A. Hoffman 42 comments
DN3 300.jpg

A Chicago high-rise retreat

This pied-a-terre in Chicago’s River North neighborhood gives new meaning to the phrase “date night.” “We raise our four kids in the west suburbs of Chicago,” says Jon Butcher. In describing his 3,500-square-foot, Japanese-inspired condominium, he explains, “This is where we come to get away from our kids. We use this as our date place.”

Subtle and Stunning

May 30, 2008 By Jack Roth 39 comments
SandS 300.jpg

If Jeffrey Smith hasn’t seen it all in his 33 years in the theater-design business, he has come pretty close. But when the president of First Impressions Theme Theatres in North Miami looked around at the last unfurnished room in this two-story, 12,000-square-foot Miami home, he was blown away by the space’s extraordinary marble floors and intricate crown molding.

Light Fantastique

May 17, 2008 By Louise Farr 41 comments

Noted home theater designer Theo Kalomirakis has learned that a snooty attitude can sometimes accompany the celebrities who hire him.

“They think everybody else is below them,” he says, with a chuckle. So he was surprised, not to mention flattered, when on a first meeting a Hollywood movie star client asked him to autograph a copy of his book, Great Escapes: New Designs for Home Theaters by Theo Kalomirakis.

Game On

March 26, 2008 By B.A. Hoffman 113 comments
Game On 300.jpg

What to do if your son takes beer brewing very seriously, and Dad loves to knock back son’s brew with the guys while playing poker or taking in every Saturday or Sunday afternoon football game that’s on, whether it’s collegiate or professional?

Swept Away

March 5, 2008 By Louise Farr 106 comments

A few years ago, Sheila and Jim Clary decided that they needed a home upon which they could impart their own touches. But they were busy—she as owner of a Chicago entertainment marketing agency and he as president of an executive benefits company. 

Ranch Dressing

February 22, 2008 By “De” Schofield 87 comments
Ranch Dressing Home Theater.jpg

Once upon a time, “ranch living” conjured up images of barnlike structures in a dusty, remote locale.

Fast-forward to now, where a spectacular 20,000-square-foot home sited in Ranch Colony Estates dispels all preconceived notions of what a home on the range should be.

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