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Light and Simple

July 1, 2008 By B.A. Hoffman 15 comments
living room1 - 300.jpg

A Westchester County home with minimalist design touts the benefits of minimalist-looking technology.

This is a “less is more” story. A tale about a Westchester County home that is minimalist in décor—and minimalist in the amount of visible technology it showcases. But regardless of how minimalist everything looks at first blush, this house is robust in the kinds of technology it embraces—up front and behind the scenes.

Miami Nice

April 12, 2010 By Brooke Lange 29 comments
Miami Nice

First Impressions Theme Theatres’ ever-colorful owner/architect/designer Jeffrey Smith turns the tables on himself–and designs his own high-tech bachelor pad complete with, of course, a private home cinema.

It Takes A Village

September 18, 2007 By Jean Penn 17 comments

Owning an ornate home theater designed in the style of a 1920s movie palace—with knockout modern technology—is enough for some people, but not for the owner of a $15-million, 26,000-square-foot Florida estate. This retired business executive envisioned adding a mini Caribbean village to his entertainment zone—one filled with shops and eateries to "wow" his friends and family.

Masterful and Modern - CEDIA Award Winner

January 22, 2010 By Brooke Lange 27 comments
Masterful and Modern - CEDIA Award Winner

2009 CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles Award Winner

Best Large Home Theater: Overall Winner

Electronic Systems Consultant: La Scala Home Cinema + Integrated Media—Vancouver, Canada

If a residential electronic systems consultant is so bold to offer a customer-service hotline 24/7—and a return phone call within 15 minutes—the firm is either crazy or confident. Or a little of both.

Stylish and Streamlined

September 26, 2008 By Jean Penn 16 comments
Stylish and Streamlined.jpg

A Kentucky client modifies First Impressions Theme Theatre Inc.’s showroom theater for his own private screening room.

A single man building a three-story riverside home in Bowling Green, Ky., decided it would be fun to be able to entertain his friends in a custom-built home theater whenever the Tennessee Titans and Western Kentucky basketball and football games are on television.

The next step in creating this dream space involved stumbling across a magazine story about First Impressions Themed Theatres Inc. and its custom-designed home theaters.

Masterfully Modern Custom Installation

March 5, 2010 By Brooke Lange 26 comments
Masterfully Modern Custom Installation

A contemporary home with 11,500 square feet of indoor/outdoor living space is built for entertaining.

Interior designers Sam Ewing and Gail Winn discuss the details.

Game On

March 26, 2008 By B.A. Hoffman 50 comments
Game On 300.jpg

What to do if your son takes beer brewing very seriously, and Dad loves to knock back son’s brew with the guys while playing poker or taking in every Saturday or Sunday afternoon football game that’s on, whether it’s collegiate or professional?

Swept Away

March 5, 2008 By Louise Farr 78 comments

A few years ago, Sheila and Jim Clary decided that they needed a home upon which they could impart their own touches. But they were busy—she as owner of a Chicago entertainment marketing agency and he as president of an executive benefits company. 

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