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Panasonic Announces Award-Winning 2011 Plasma Line

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Plasma Sales Show Growth, Pointing To Bright Future

 Well, we don't want to say we told you so but... On Ocotber 2, 2010 we posted a story entitiled "Plasma: The Myths Are Still Alive". It addressed mistaken beliefs about plasma flat panel performance. And now, we find out the following:


Driving the resurgence of Plasma HDTVs, industry technology leader Panasonic Corporation of North America announced pricing and availability for its award winning 2011 Viera Plasma line-up. This announcement coincides with Display Search's recent analysis and conclusion that 2010 was a great year for Plasma TV panels, with shipments growing on a Year/Year basis every quarter since Q4 '09.  NPD also produced data showing a growth in Plasma sales.

Special Event: Cash for TV Clunkers in Southern California - December 17th & 18th

Recycle TV Clunker Graphic.jpeg
Diamond Case Designs, Inc. Offers Cash Trade-In for Clunker TVs When Purchasing New Eligible Engergystar TVs at the 2nd Annual TV Recycling Event


Following the success of last years popular Cash for Clunker TV program, home theater retailer Diamond Case Designs, Inc. of Anaheim, CA., has organized another e-waste recycling event just in time for the holidays. This environmentally friendly program provides cash discounts toward the purchase of new eligible model Energystar TVs.

As flat panel TVs come down in price, Diamond Case has seen an increase in the number of customers replacing in their old analog TVs for new digital TVs. Rather than discarding the old TVs, which contain hazardous materials such as lead and phosphorus, into local landfills, Diamond Case has partnered with All Green Electronics Recycling to recycle and re-purpose the old TVs.  All Green guarantees that all items to be recycled will be done in accordance with their ZERO landfill policy. According to Arman Sadeghi, CEO of All Green, "All types of e-waste (electronic waste), including cell phones, laptops, computer monitors, and televisions can be recycled responsibly so their hazardous products do not end up in landfills. 

Malls Become Deluxe Demo Showrooms

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It's only logical. Setting up shop in the country's largest malls exposes swarming holiday masses to new products and technologies. Take 3Di TV, for example. Sure, some of the population has heard of, or even owns 3D TV. But there are many who have yet to experience the latest immersive 3D movies or games. So, Panasonic has launched "Unwrap 3D" - a two-week, 14-city mall tour designed to give consumers a chance to experience the world of Full HD 3D Home Entertainment - which will kick off in major malls across the nation on December 1.

Media Décor Art and Frame Catalog Now Available in the Apple iBookstore

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Media Décor, a pioneer of designer solutions for concealing flat-screen TVs, has launched the Art and Frame catalog app available now on iTunes and the iBookstore. The free app allows Apple® iPhoneTM, iPod touch®, and iPadTM users to view Media Décor's array of over 70 frame styles and more than 2,000 artwork choices including limited editions. 
According to Vanessa Sayen, Sales & Marketing Manager for Media Décor, "The iPad has become an important selling tool for dealers and interior designers and being able to download our catalog and show it to a potential client brings to life the variety of options available."

Runco’s New Customizable Ultra-Thin Flat Panel Plasma Displays

Runco Vistage back detail 3.jpg

In the competitive plasma market, Runco's new Vistage Series (pronounced "Vistahhhge") offers unique aesthetic and performance features. According to Caster Communications, Runco's Public Relations firm, the entire fronts of the V-50HD, V-58HD and V-63HD ultra-thin displays (1.7 inches) are comprised of solid glass, avoiding any surface anomalies common to the acrylic or plastic surfaces used on many televisions. The Emissive Cell Structure design modulates each sub-pixel to turn on / off based on the content, which creates exceptional brightness, contrast and black levels. As videophiles will tell you, black level and grey-scale are where fine image details reside. 

Plasma: The Myths Are Still Alive

Since myths about plasma TVs persist, we thought it best to revisit the facts. A White Paper by technical research firm, International Data Corporation (IDC) and Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), addresses these fictions. Among them: burn-in, short lifetimes, poor black levels, brightness and color accuracy. The test results were averaged from among plasma, LCD and DLP displays, selected at random. The displays were tested at high and low brightness at different viewing angles.

Russound Collage Review

May 21, 2010 By Dennis Burger 203 comments
Russound Collage

Russound’s Collage Powerline Media and Intercom System sets a new standard for retrofit multiroom audio systems.

If Twitter-synched pet collars and Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet aren’t enough to convince you that we’re living in the future, consider this: I just installed two zones of distributed audio at opposite ends of the house in one fairly laid back Saturday afternoon.

Panasonic TC-P46G10 Review

October 5, 2009 By Geoffrey Morrison 79 comments

The King is dead. Long live the King!

No one at Panasonic seemed to care that Pioneer left the plasma TV market. Then again, maybe they did. It would have been easy, perhaps expected, for Panasonic to put out a gussied-up version of their last generation plasma now that the direct picture quality competition has fled the market. But that's not how it played out.

The G10 is a significant step forward in picture quality for the company best known for value and consistency more than outright picture quality.

Panasonic TH-65VX100U Review

February 9, 2009 By Geoffrey Morrison 37 comments
Panasonic TH-65VX100U Review

Premiere Plasma

Looking to carve out a piece out of the high-end custom market for themselves, Panasonic launched the Premiere line, with 50 and a 65-inch models.

Sporting many custom features aimed at the custom market, does the Premiere have what it takes to compete with the KUROs of the world?

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